Monday, March 29, 2010

My Date Night

Well if you all have realised I don't talked much about my relationship here, but this latest movie My Date Night is going to make me share it here a little bit after all last week was the 5th year we first dated, good times fly !!!! Nuffnang are giving a pair of tickets for the 1st 90th bloggers who blogs about this (cross my fingers!). And this is definitely a romantic movie !

Well back to the topic My Date Night , which happened to me many many moons well approximately 6 years ago on 21 March on last week! A mutual friend of us (an angel by the named of Joevy) introduced us to each other one on night during dinner which was specially organised by her! First time I saw Mr. J (whom is my boy now) I am so embarrassed because I never been to a blind date before! Believe it or not , I was so quiet for the whole night .... from the moment we ( my friend Joevy and me ) stepped into his car. Haha because I do know what to say ! Feel weird to start conversation! So I focus in listening their conversation. And suddenly he turned to me and asked hey why are you so quiet, are you scared of me ? I don't remembered what I answered but I know I was saying something very stupid and start blushing as if I am wearing my favourite Nars blusher a!!!! Anyway after the dinner, he sent me home and gave me a call and a sweet sms after he reached home which I kept until my phone was snatched 2 last

Anyway later on everyday is our date night after that as he waited me outside my college to fetch me to go dinner with me and sent me home after that, how sweet of him right!He still patiently waited for me even until now when sometimes I am still at work or workshop!

Well thats my most memorable date with a stranger who is now my lovely boy !

He is someone whom I want to hug and strangle sometimes !

So this 13 April, I want to officially date my boy for this movie !

For more info, click Nuffnang to find out more


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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