Friday, March 26, 2010

Vote for the Cleo 50 Most Eligible Bachelors!

What is more exciting than this !!!

We can wash our eyes clean clean, I hope!!

And then we can start bitching gossiping real hard !!!

Anyway when I first saw the email from Cleo, I knew I must nominate him ! And little did I know he did went for the audition!

Why did I nominate him ?
Simply because he is such a great guy and yet a bachelor !!

A good looking, smart, sporting, caring,funny guy... and lotssss more! Oh yes, I must mentioned he has the best temper ever, and always smiling!!
(Well, almost a perfect guy!)

Don't asked me how come no girlfriend one!!!

(Haha .. cos I already got bf lah and he is younger than me.. ops did I tell you my age?)

Maybe his fate is not there yet, plus his busybee working lifestyle probably hinder him from knowing you girls out there .. aha!

So here he is !

I knew him back in 2o04 in college, he is the guy there in dark tan and always smiling wide ! And he is the super nice guy, that everyone likes him! He is very hardworking and has very nice handwriting, hence his notes are very hotcakes ! And was one of the top students in class !

(This picture we took during convocation, definitely looks better than his pic above! Where the picture is like a bit dark&blur one...)

Seriously loh, so many of our college mates are crazy of him, some of them even offered to carry his books and public confessed that she likes him (which I think she still do!) !

So what makes him so attractive ?

Well is for you to find out ! For more info, read more

His Q&A question!

Remember to vote for him NO 10 !!!!

OMG I sound like his Marketing Manager noww !! I must asked him for my fee liao !!

This is the time you can get to know more about the bachelors! Have you register for it , go there and wash our eyes lah !!!

I think I will vote him for the Most Playful Bachelor, because he can play camwhore with me, pose for my camera, jump around and play hide and seek !

Look at his silly face !

His ever so nice teeth that makes his perfect smile that all of us jealous off!!!!

Okay last but not least!

Kindly vote for No 10 and make him un-bachelor if you can !!!

p/s: I hope he don't kill me for putting all this pictures in !! Anyway can go to my facebook photo album to take a peep of him!

For his email/contact number, please kindly contact me (as I'm or will be his Marketing Manager (self appointed punya!) , or any question for him kindly leave your comment here !!


  1. lol, my god, Jess you're a super good marketing manager! He owes you one big angpao :P

  2. This guy is definitely the lady-killer. He is, however, a shy person. Go and "open" him up (direct chinese translation). It is rather jaw-dropping to know that he participated in this competition. I guess, it's the time for him to show off what he've got... Vote for him!!!

  3. Would like to meet him! lol -Zheng Norahs-

  4. Wahh...I wonder how would he reacts if he read ur post.He's a very eligible bachelor. He has my vote!!
    Intro him to me!! Lol......


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