Sunday, April 18, 2010

Burt's Bee 1st store opening in The Curve.

We the blogger Super girl Jean, Susan, Cia Wei, Kelly and me had a really crazy Saturday outing. I thought of going just 2 events but end up jumping from one event to another event ,within 1 day. A total of 4 events !!! And we some more managed to drop by Burt's Bee 1st store in The Curve on their first day of opening (i.e Saturday).

I like the whole feeling of the store, I think it's because the whole store is painted in yellow which makes you feel energetic and happy. There are 2 sales assistants and one retail operation manager in the store to serve us. We was told that the products in the store has 98% natural and they strive to have 100% natural in their products by the year 2020.

Once we stepped into the store, we quickly asked for the best seller which is the Beeswax Lip Balm (read so much about it online) so quickly smell it ... and try it on my hand.. The smell and texture passed my expectation. As I mentioned previous time, I love beauty products that has nice nice smell. And this is their first beauty product they have invented back in 1989 and it is their best selling product of all times.

This price was not expensive as I thought it would be, was told by the SA that this is a US drugstore products. And it's cheaper to buy from Malaysia than Hong Kong , which is triple the price. Since I am going next week, I will check this out before buying.

Lots of different shades, flavor and range to choose from.

I tried this and this is their hand cream for people with extremely dry hand. Very moisturizing indeed!

And the good thing is some of their items do come in small/travel size/trial size, easy for us to carry around in handbags

And I carried this home. ^.^

The SA told me that since they just opened the store, there is no promotion yet however there will be more coming soon! And if we buy more than RM200 above, we will be their member and will be invited to their workshop and events for free. And good news is Burt's Bee will be opening their next store in The Gardens, Mid Valley City on 1st June 2o1o. And I think this place is definitely worth a visit!

And do check out their facebook for more updates !


  1. wow.. so fast blogged about it d wor~
    But I think the product texture are kinda thick for me.. will try their lip balm anyway..

  2. Jean : thats why the hand cream is for extremely dry hand.. should be good to be used in office with cool aircon.

  3. Ahh I want a giant Burt's Bees lip balm, too! ^^

    That's so cool that they now have their own store! I agree with you, just looking at the store makes me more energic and cheerful (=

  4. wah ~ you really carried back the giant size lip balm home ah ? haha... I like their store bcoz of the yellowish ! haha...

  5. Gaby : Cant wait to buy n try it soon! Hope it works better than vaselin which don't work for me anymore.

    Anna : Ya, i also wan to bring it home but the manager spotted me..hahah!!!! yeh the colour of the store so nice :)

  6. Wow..The price seems to be reasonable. I have try out Burt's Bee famous Beewax lip blam but it still doesn't work for me.

  7. so cool! burts bees balms are the best! glad u enjoyed the opening love!

  8. Jess, You're looking good in the photo, yr skin is glowing!

  9. Sherry : Hehe!!!! Sorry to freak you out

    Slownbrogal : Yeh the price reasonable , so the famous bee wax dont work for you , any working product u using now to recommend

    BBM: Ah. so the balms works for you, i think must go try out myself ...

    Anonymous : Hey thank you for leaving comment :) I think Clarin's Hydraquench skincare helps and double serum works on me. Mind to share your name ?

  10. Hi Jess, did you bought any product from there? any recommend flavor for the lip balm?



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