Friday, April 2, 2010

Review : B.liv Shrink and Tighten

The weather recently is so warm that I think my pores are getting larger and I quickly looked for remedy last week! And I found B.liv Shrink and Tighten which is a pore reducing serum which I got it from a few months back when my pores aren't my concern yet as my main concern are always dehydration and pigmentation.

From its website Main functions: pores reducing + firming + brightening

Shrink & Tighten+ works its magic in the night to stimulate collagen production, to make sure your pores will always be out of sight. Its 10% L-ascorbic acid and cell regeneration nutrients firms your skin, brightens your complexion, leaving your looking flawless and absolutely healthy once again.!

Price : USD59 for 15ml

Texture and Smell : Its in clear gel type, some light herbal smell which is quite pleasing

I squeezed out 1-2 pea sized drops of this serum and applied gently on my cheek area only where I have large pores ( >..< ) and massage it in. Within seconds it absorbed nicely into my skin. Immediately I felt a little sensation on my skin however it was just temporary. Then I continued putting on my night cream like usual and went to sleep without much thought. But the next day when I woke up and looked into the mirror, I did see my pores are getting a little bit smaller compare to the night before. And I continue using it only on my my cheek area for the past few days.

I think I'm quite convince with this product, as it does what it says "Shrink and Tighten" my pores, but I have not seen it has brighten up my complexion yet! I did not say this works 100% on me in long run but I can see a quite promising result in minimizing pores after using it a few times.

And the reason I put this serum only on some part of my cheek is because I applied my Clarins Hydraquench Serum on the rest of the face due to improve hydration.

So any of you here try this before or any pore reducing products that works for you ?

p/s: And I also try it on my boyfriend's face where and yes I do see some improvement the next morning!


  1. Interesting, I have never tried anything like that, but maybe I should :)

  2. Just wanna ask how mush is it? I wish to buy too but my current serum havent finish, sigh...:(

  3. it really works?? coz i have bad experience in trusting pore minimizing products.. might give this a try :D

  4. Sandra : Yeh you should!

    Blair : Yes, I think so.. have to continue using it to see if it works in long term.

    ciawei: USD59 for 15ml (around RM139)

  5. shaynaJo : yeh , go try it! buy online got free online shipping!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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