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Review : Origins Hands On Workshop Be Pampered

Well I have hundreds of photos about different workshops to blog about soon but ater some time I forgot about it ( or more appropriately I'm lazy busy!). Well therefore I must quickly blogged about this workshop when I still remember about this one!

I was lucky to be selected to attend the Origins Hands On Workshop few weeks back at Cafe Delicious, Marc Residence. It was conducted on a Sunday morning where I was dragging myself off the bed to go to the workshop. I went without breakfast. because I think I'm going to be late. To my surprise we were served with plenty of delicious food for breakfast, how generous and thoughtful Origins is, to make sure we are properly feed before the workshop! Let the pictures do the talking !

All of us are surprise to see that this was prepared for us , unlike other workshops where we are usually served light snacks (like sandwiches).

The grilled teriyaki chicken was so yummylicious!

The salmon sandwiches!

Tiramisu and cakes!

Not forgetting the Ceaser Salad in small cup!!!

Watermelon and Lychee blended !!! ( this is so refreshing,healthy and yummylicious)

Really Delicious Food from Cafe Delicious !

Ops, Did I mentioned everything above is refillable? The waiters are so busy serving us, so of course all of us are fully stuffed with super yummy breakfast while having a great morning chat and gossiping with our friends!

What a great day to start with!

Well let's not forget this is a skincare workshop, hehe !

This is Susan, doing a very brief introduction about Origins and their products.

Origins is "Powered by Nature, Proven by Science", simply means all the skincare are make by natural ingredients and the result can be proven by science.

Different plants used in producing the skincare was displayed around at the workshop for us to see, touch and smell.

Rhodiola Rosea and Siegesbeckie was used in Youthtopia range which helps firming and lifting.

Reishi mushroom and Tumeric in Dr Andrew Weil's range is Soothing and Re-active Collection suitable for people with sensitive skin.

Silver Tip White Tea ad Boswelli helps in giving anti-oxidant to our skin.

Rose of Jericho and Trehalose from corn sugar help skin help skin to repair and rehydrate.

Then of course we proceeded to have hands on experience on their products!

I like the facts that all the ranges (from oily, sensitive to dry skins) products are provided a table for 6 persons.

Since there was only a brief introduction of the Origins products using the slideshow by Susan, all of us are quite confused on what range of products to use. But we are lucky that since we are seated just in front of the screen, Susan (Product Training Manager) who is very knowledgeable was there to assist us.

This is my naked fare without anything on !

Due to limited time and my greed as this is my first hands on workshop with Origins, I decided to try all the range of the skincare under Origins.

How did I manage to do so ?

For examples there are total of 4 types of wash off face mask and 1 type of No Puffery™ eye mask.

The four types of wash off face mask are Drink Up (Hydration mask), Out of Trouble ( pimples and skin problems),Dr Andrew Weil Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask (sensitive skin) and Clear Improvement (Active charcoal mask to clear pores).

So I applied different masks at 4 different part of my face to test the effectiveness, sensitivity and scent.

I discovered that I like Origins Plantidote™ Mega-Mushroom Skin-Calming Face Mask the best simply because its calming on my skin and it does show improvement on my ace after washing it off.

Promotion of the day

The GWPs set

Last but not least, each of the us was given a complimentary pampering facial voucher to try out.

After that we are properly doll-up by the makeup artist just before the event ends.

Overall , it was quite a nice workshop because everything is on the table for us to mess with it, however some of us are quite confused how and what to use as the speaker did not do a live tutorial for the participants to follow. Although the venue was a bit too bright for the screening of the projector but it was a private event there we have the whole place just for the workshop. And hands on workshop is always great as we will have the chance to try all the products from different range and then decided which suits us the best. Unfortunately we have limited time for that as the workshop started roughly an hour late due to some of the people are still enjoying their delicious breakfast or are late for the workshop.

And I must say Thank you Origins for organising another extra free workshop for us on Sunday , as the earlier session on Saturday was full.

And I kinda like the Dr Andrew Weil's range from this workshop. And last week when I attended Origins Get Out Red event at Maya Hotel Sky Lounge, I purchased a trial set of the skincare to try, will blog about this later.

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  1. NICE refreshment, or shall say breakfast? Way yummier than Benefit Party's I recently attended. (too lazy/occupied to blog)

    But I gotta say, in terms of goodie bag Benefit beats Origins. =p


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