Monday, May 3, 2010

Hong Kong & Shenzhen Shopping Haul Part II

This post is dedicated to all my clothes which I bought from my trip !

1 big luggage to cater for this !

I go crazy over dresses. Well basically the price drives me crazy!

Nice or not !!!!

My favourite !!!!

Because I can't decide which colour I want, I end up buying both colours !

How can I miss this sweet pink dress from Esprit!

Shirt I bought from Giant Buddha at Lantau Island's souvenir shop.

Floral bag

Mini hats for hair accessories !!!!



I think I have bought all , others than bra & panties

If only I have more money, I would be more willing to contribute to HK & Shenzhen's economy.

I don't think anyone can guess how much my beautiful dress is !


  1. nice!!! How much is all your clothes cost??? Makes me wanna take the next flight to HK now. lol

  2. joanyee: very very cheap, you will go crazy believe me. really really crazy. Haha!!! go buy airticket ask no more. some of my dresses cost not more than rm10 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. total spent for shopping????

  4. u bought so many laneige it much2 cheaper there ? mind to let us know the prices of the laneige items u bought ?

  5. put price put price... how come i goto hong kong tak dapat see this kind of baju de ya? mana u beli leh.... poor me.. even goto bangkok also cant find the baju fit my size!!!!

  6. hey~~~ really pretty lah!!! worth!!!!!!
    envy u envy u
    i wanna go thr n shoppiing~~~~~~

  7. Great haul!! ahahahaa I am also quite addicted to floral dresses this summer xD after all those years of telling my mum to stop embarrassing me by buying me florals n making me wear them! she's gloating now I'm sure!
    Hahah I totally get what you mean when you say you're broke after visiting HK...that's me too!

  8. vivian : I am sure with the money I spentthere cant even buy half of it here, hehe so do your calculation lol !!!

  9. ciawei : haha in HK & Shenzhen everywhere you go also floral dresses only, I guess now is the IN thing, i never wear floral dresses before (no size here or its too expensive), once try it love it to max somemore super pretty & cheap!

  10. Guess : Laneige generally are cheaper in HK, even in their Laneige;s store compare to Msia. Places like Sasa, Asterspring, Bonjour the prices are lower. Some product are 20-40% cheaper depends promotion.

  11. BT : Some can remember, some cannot, cos go crazy shopping , grab grab only, buying from Shenzhen is really cheap (normally no trying)around RM10-RM15, quality so so. While in HK around RM20-RM40 (cannot try) but quality better, however looks similar like it came from China's good lol. Those Esprit one, I bought in their outlet mall around 50-90% off.

  12. BT: Esprit in HK got size up to XXL , and I only buy from outlet mall cos their fashion some also newer than Malaysia, somemore can slowly try :) Those from Shenzhen are bought from Dong Men (East Gate) Commercial Centre, and in HK I bought randomly from Tsim Tsa Tsui and Mongkok Centre :) Hope this help, anything email me la , hope can help !

  13. Zoe : Going there from Singapore is cheaper, cos Tiger Airways & Jetstars also got promotion! Slim slim people like you can bolot 100kg baju come back !!

  14. M.A.C.nunu : Haha, now Floral dress the IN thing, HK & Shenzhen people are obsessed with Japanese fashion, some of them made their clothes based fashion in Vivi Magazine, and they show those Japanese model. I go one time HK, go and bankrupt myself one. I spent all money and then even last day asked the shop you accepted credit card then I buy the dress ( so desperate alrdy!!)


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