Sunday, May 2, 2010

I exchange my old mascara for mini new Lancome Virtuose Cells Mascara!

I am sure you girls are well aware right now that Lancome's facebook and Cleo's Magazine are having an exchange program for their latest Virtuouse Cells Mascara in mini size. Simply just bring your old mascara (worth RM65 and above, in my case Stila Major Major Lash Mascara which almost or already dry up ( which is my 1st expensive mascara, well not so expensive since I bought during their clearance sale also.) to Lancome's counter in Parkson's KLCC after the KLCC Fashionista Benefit Workshop. No question was asked, I was only told to write down my name. Eh, my name is 3rd in line only.

So hurry up girls, grab your old/used mascara and grab a mini new Virtouse Cell Mascara for free to try it ! Althought the SA did not diagnosed my lash but she did said that the new mascara will help in strengthing our eyelashes.

For details exchange program under

Cleo Magazine May edition- Click here
Official Lancome's Facebook - Click here


  1. Wow that's nice that they accept mascaras from other brands! Their new mascara looks cool!

    Do you know if it works in Canada?

  2. Gaby : I afraid the exchange program only available in Malaysia. I am always happy to try new mascara, was really happy be able to change this :D


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