Thursday, May 6, 2010

Isetan Mother's Day Beauty Treat

I know I am kinda slow to post this. But just wanted to share with you girls who has missed it out!

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A treat for your mums & you 23 April - 13 May 2010

Buy 3 facials sessions at normal price to your mum and get yourself a Free 1 Facial Sessions & 1 Eye Treatment

Brands participating in Isetan Klcc and Gardens : Estee Lauder, Lancome, Kanebo and SKII

Brands participating in Klcc only : Biotherm, Cosme Decorte, Origins

Click to enlarge to see what extra treats each brands giving

Note for Origins : their eye treatment is being replaced with extra facial. Therefore buy 3 facials free 2 facials

Let me do the calculation :

RM90 (basic facial) x 3 = RM270 get 5 facials. So each facial is around RM54
RM118 (treatment facial) x 3 = RM354 get 5 facials, Each facial cost around RM70.80

Origins facial list as below
Rm90 Balancing Act (Combination Skin) 60min
RM90 Matte Scientist (Oily Skin) 60 min
RM118 Line Eraser (90 min)
RM118 Age Fighter (90 min)
RM118 Skin Repair (90 min)
RM118 Skin Rejuvenator (90 min)
RM118 Skin Brightener (90 min)
RM118 Skin Firmer(90 min)

And yesterday I tried their Skin Repair Facial at KLCC using my free voucher which I got from the Origins workshop to see if I like their facial to purchase it.Overall experience is nice and especially I like the shoulder wrapped (which is actually a hot pillow with herb to put on my chest) however I felt something is missing! is the lymphatic drainage massage which I had experience before from Kanebo's facial. Hence I went to Kanebo to look at their facial menu.

Facial Treatment
RM98 for Revitalising Facial Treatment (60min)
Rm128 for Skin Brightening Facial Treatment (60min)
RM168 Impress IC Facial Treatment (75min)
RM180 Impress Total Rejuvenating Treatment (90min)
RM48 Kanebo Intenstive Eye Treatment (20min)

Body Massage
RM98 Stress Relief Treatment (60min)
RM168 Hot Stone Treatment (90min)

So if today you buy Kanebo basic facial 3 times (RM98 x 3) is RM294, can get one free facial (same price with the facial you bought) and one free eye treatment , plus special treat of one time free of Hot Stone body treatment ! Tempting right ?

Only RM73.50 for each facial ( 4 facials in total) , free 1 eye treatment (worth RM48) and 1 hot stone body massage (worth RM168) !


Wait there are more, I found out !!!

Don't buy first, let me tell you more !!!

Stay tune, going to blog about it more !!!


  1. The kanebo makeup by japanese makeup artist got 2 types? One doorgift is RM100 and another is RM25o?

  2. sorry wrong posting of the, haha read the next post for clearer info!

  3. Jess... hows the overall origins facial? i hav completed my facial package, now sourcing around. what would you recommend?

  4. juli : i think overall it is affordable and nice, however they did not have limpage drainage massage which I thought they have. They only do point pressure massage.


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