Sunday, May 23, 2010

Jasmine Magazines freebies!

Being tempted by Susan (bad girl) went to buy a Chinese Magazine for RM8 just because of the freebies worth more than RM20-30? Haha .. I cant even read it! But just now when I flip flip it, wow a lot of nice tutorial in there... maybe I will asked my bf to do the transalation.. Hehe! Also there is a travel write up on Cambonia which I think my bf will be interested to read.

And yes there are still a lot of goodie bag available at the IBE expo when you buy the magazine!

For your info
Buy latest June mag RM8 got 1 bag of goodies
Buy 2 previous edition magazine ( from May month backwards) for RM10 get 1 bag goodies
Buy 2 magazines ( latest edition and one old edition) RM13 get 1 goodies
Buy 3 magazines (1 latest and 2 old editions) RM18 , get 2 bag of goodies

Even Sisters Magazine also having promotion, giving free hair colour for every mag you purchased. But I am not interested. Hehe!


  1. Hey Jess... u bought it on Sunday? The freebies on Saturday is different le ^^ But I love yours :)

  2. susan : you are bad but loveable ! Hehe! and i love you ~

  3. susan : you are bad but lovable ! Hehe! and i love you ~

  4. juli : I bought mine on saturday evening, actually all the goodie bag are different, but when I buy that time, the lady let me choose, hehe !!!


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