Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Lunasol Spring 2010 Makeup by Japanese Makeup Artist

Remember a while ago, I posted about Lunasol Spring 2o10 Makeup Event in Isetan KLCC from 14-19 May 2010. So in end up being tempted with the promotion went to Klcc yesterday night to purchase the voucher to redeem for Isetan Mother's Day Beauty Treat facial promotion. Which means promotion on top of promotion! As part of the promotion, I am entitled to have a personalised makeup lesson by the Japanese Makeup. So let the pictures do the talking :)

My bare sick looking face!

p/s: Yes my lips are cracking ! But its recovering!

The makeup artist choose this No 01 Nature Blue palette from the Nature Color Eyes Collection in Lunasol Spring Makeup 2010 Collection .

p/s: The friendly Japanese Makeup artist share with me that blue and brown are the popular color in Japan now. Hence thats the reason why he choose Nature Blue palette

This is Mr.Tamotsu Tomiyama the makeup artist from Kanebo Japan. He gave me an excellent coaching during the personalized makeup lesson. Teaching step by step, with clear instruction in English. He will do on my right hand side of my face, and let me do the left side of my self. I did pick up some precious tips from the lesson. And I do see the differences from applying his way compare to my normal ways. I can see that my skin are more flawless because he uses the technique of dabbing rather than swiping the foundation on my skin. Even in applying eyeshadow, he uses the dabbing technique and taught me how to draw my eyebrow nicely which I am suck in.

I really like the makeup technique, the eyes are bigger and brighter and my skin is flawless!

Ingredients that are being used to create the look :

For Face
Lunasol Control Makeup Base in o3 - RM118
Lunasol Modeling Liquid Foundation OC-04 - RM168
Lunasol Micro Finish Powder N in 02 - RM160
Lunasol Coloring Cheeks in 06 - RM80
Lunasol Coloring Cheeks in 02 - RM80

For Eyes
Lunasol Eyelid Base - RM90
Lunasol Under Eyebase - RM88
Lunasol Nature Color Eye 01 - RM160
Kanebo Coffret D'or Mascara Base - RM69
Lunasol Full Glamour Mascara in Black
Lunasol Pencil Eyeliner in 02 - RM118
Kanebo Coffret D'or Eyebrow with Styling Eyebrow

For Lips
Lunasol Full Glamour Lips G in SS10 - RM88
Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss No 14 from Autumn 2009 collection- RM78
Lunasol Contrasting with Lip Liner No 05 from 2008 collection - RM65

I redeem the RM300 vouchers with Kanebo Mother's day facial promotion.

I bought 3 facial for RM294 and top up 1 eye treatment for RM48. Total I paid RM342.

On top of that I am entitle to have 1 more free facial worth RM98, 1 eye treatment worth RM48 and 1 Hot Stone Body Treatment worth RM168.

That means I got 4 facials, 2 Eye Treatment, 1 Hot Stone Body Treatment.

And and.

I got the door gift worth RM250 and very good 1 hour personalized makeup lesson by Mr Tamotsu Tomiyama the by purchasing the vouchers.

Also I am given some sachets of the makeup base and foundation to try at home *happy*!

Not just that, I am able to redeem RM30 vouchers from Isetan for spending more than RM300.

Quite a good deal huh !

p/s: Look out for my next post on Lunasol Spring 2010 collection!


  1. Ooooh I like the look! I think the MA was right, I saw a lot of girls wearing blue e/s when I was in Taiwan too! ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  2. so nice..i wish i can join this next time..hehe..which outlet are u going? isetan klcc?

  3. Tammy : Thank you !! I guess I should take out my blue eyeshadow and start using them again :D

  4. susan: now the event has moved to Isetan Garden, instead of personalized makeup lesson, its makeover and hairdo plus a A4 picture. But the door gift a bit different. I did mine in Isetan KLCC. Check out the info here. ( )


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