Saturday, May 22, 2010

Review : Nars Super Orgasm

This Super Orgasm is one of my favorite apart from Nars Orgasm which makes me having orgasm all the time !!!

Well by hearing the name Super Orgasm you must be thinking so great ah the Orgasm that I am going to have later?

Disclaimer: I am not talking dirty okay, I'm just describing the products ! teehee~

Ah ! An official description provided in Sephora's website

Super Orgasm Blush:

NARS amps up their legendary NARS Orgasm to bring you Super Orgasm - the universally flattering shimmering peachy pink blush with an extra dose of golden sparkle. The super sexy pink flush gives the effect of an ultimate super, uh hum, afterglow.

p/s: Aren't you girls are excited that Sephora going to be in KL soon!! It is now under construction and will be next to Starhill! Hopefully they carry Nars, Urban Decay and etc at a reasonable price and choice!!!

Swatch : I swipe once on my hands, look at the color !!! Did you all see the tiny golden sparkle too?

This is how it looks on my skin !

Verdict : I cant decide between Nars Orgasm and this which one I love more. Well in fact I alternate between the two a lot, depends what mood I am doing my makeup. While Nars Orgasm give me a peachy pink healthy look with slight shimmering effect (the color more towards peachy pink) , the Nars Super Orgasm is more pigmented and it gives a little more shimmering effect on top of pink peachy color (the color move towards more to pink peachy). And the shimmering effect is really great in creating dolly look if I decided to have it that day.

As much as I enjoy the shimmering effect but I am slight annoy that the shimmering gold dust will fall out while I'm applying it making my table dirty. And I want to stress again, I hate Nars blusher rubber casing, its dirty and messy because it attracts dust and fingerprints plus it is not easy to clean :(

Others than that, I must say , go get yourself Nars Orgasm or Super Orgasm!!!

You definitely will have no regret because you will have Orgasm end of the day!

My Star Rating


  1. Meaning Nars coming to Malaysia Jess?

  2. Super Orgasm looks great on you! I tend to shy away from too-shimmery blushes but I really can't tell from the photo here. I love the original Orgasm too, such a versatile colour and tends to look great on everyone :) thanks for your review^^

  3. Jelly : There is a high possibility!!!!! Have to wait up Sephora is opened, now its under construction. Must be excited to find out eh!

  4. Tammy : Thanks for the comment, actually the shimmering gold dust is not really obvious unless you take macroscopic scope to look at it! It just a little shimmering effect that makes our face brighten up a little. Ah, you should try at the counters! Yes I do think Orgasm is more versatile and it looks just perfect for anyone, and its suitable for every look.

  5. so this is the review between both orgasm & super orgasm hehe

    i'd say am happy with my orgasm as its pigmented peachy pink with a speck of gold shimmer lol

    next am thinking of nars - cream blusher~ or the muted orange battling between JS blush blossom orange :P

    my fav blushers are NARS & JillStuart !!
    nothing comes close to them...
    now maybe MUFE HD cream blusher hmm

  6. Stellar : Ya.. Nars & JS best, even Shu uemura cannot beat them :P I also want to get MUFE HD Cream.... :P


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