Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buy July Female or Nuyou Mag, get travel size RMK foundation for free!

Thanks to our spy Sharon, she spotted in in OUG are carrying this promotion!!

Buy latest July Female or Nuyou magazine and you will get a RMK travel size Liquid foundation or compact powder for FREE!!

While stocks last!!!

Since I am buying magazines every single month, so those that comes with the freebies are the best because I get to try for free!

I can say Female/Nuyou/RMK is quite generous ! Because this travel size liquid foundation is normally is a gift with purchase item.

Its in
Ah the color of the foundation given was 103 and its just perfect for me!!

I try before their sachet one, not bad!

This is in the colour of 103L

p/s: Yesterday our beauty buddies went to KLCC to buy and its still available, so you gotta be quick !

Check out location here


  1. i love RMK foundation too..the one im trying right now is the samples which i got tones! so i put them together in one small jar..haha..really good.

    will get female magazine soon :D

    thanks jess for the info ;)

  2. not able to go and get it. tmr only got go klcc...hopefully still got la...

  3. i get my RMK foundation! i love the texture ^.^

  4. Sherry : I am sure has branch in alot of places. check their website to see where ya.

    harim : ya quick quick !!! its such a cute bottle !!!! great mag with great freebies :D

    ally : have u try calling them to check the stocks. my friend bought from their small outlet in oug, she said plenty.

    diana : good !! can try and play with it yeh!

  5. i wan i wan... no sure pyramid have it or not? gonna to check it out!

  6. hi..the rmk foundation r u want to sell it???


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