Thursday, June 17, 2010

Join Kiehl's Slumber Party 18 June 2010!

As usual I signed for e-newsletter from Isetan (to save the tree) and I was browsing through their e-newsletter and saw Kiehl's is having an exclusive launch from 18-24 June 2010 for their latest product Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Their slogan is One night , Two Drops and Younger looking skin by morning.

Kiehl's is being generous again! They are giving first 100 Isetan to try Midnight Recovery Concentrate (2ml) sample !

So if you want to try, you gotta be quick!

Not only that, there are having Kiehl's Slumber Party this Friday, quick register yourselves for find out more ! Details are as below

Kiehl's Slumber Party

Date : 18 June 2010
Time : 7pm-9pm
Venue : Isetan KLCC
Dress code : Descent Pajamas ( However I checked with the SA, not compulsory)
There will be door gift & supper for attendees.

Exclusive beauty treat

1st 20 customers to purchase a Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml and a moisturizer will receive a Midnight Recovery Concentrate deluxe (4ml)

Kindly call 03-2163 2955 for RSVP

*Limited to 30 customers only*
*Limited supplies*

p/s: Quick register yourself, Kiehl's party is always fun!


  1. arghhhhhhhhhhhh,I cant attend the party....
    I want the door gift........

  2. arghhhhhhhhhh~~~~
    the door gifts finish liao~~~~

  3. YSK : you still can go to their counter to ask for samples to try..

  4. but the door gift is better ma.....
    samples come in sachets,door gift contains deluxe-sized samples..555555...TOO BAD..

  5. super love your blog la.... anything about beauty is here...

  6. Carrie : I always very love with you (i mean your blog) ~~ your life so colourful one ~

  7. they fully reserve for the more seat..


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