Sunday, July 11, 2010

Review: NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick

A while ago Asa bought a few NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colors Lipstick to play with. So quickly I took and make some swatches and Lips of the the Day (LOTD)!

She got herself #LSS630 (Pumpkin Pie), #LSS628 (Tea Rose) and #LSS522 Circe

The Ingredients

Left is Tea Rose and Right is Pumpkin Pie

And this is Circe

My pale pin bare lips ready for testing !

Pumpkin Pie

This is quite natural and I quite like it. This quite similar to Benefit's Lady Choice Lipstick. I still prefer the Benefit one because its more moisturizing and better coverage.!

Teal Rose

This is pinkish with a touch of violet. Quite nice !

This is Circe

This is totally in nude color. But I don't like it. Looks quite awful on my lips in my opinion.

My verdict :

Pro : It comes with many colors and the price is really affordable.My friend Asa bought it for RM10/each from the forum.

Cons : This is not available locally. And the color are quite sheer and need few more application to have the full coverage on the lips. It is not moisturizing and its advisable to use lip balm before using the lipstick. Tips: In order to have good coverage with these lipsticks, apply a layer of concealer on the lips before applying the lipstick.

My Star Rating


  1. Oh no..I thought Nyx is in Malaysia n got so excited. Please let me know if there is one in KL coz I'm going there later this year :)

    I like Tea Rose on u!


  2. Cynthia : No this is not available here, but there is a lot of online spree going on for quite an affordable price. Ah.. when you coming to Malaysia?? For shopping ??


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