Friday, August 20, 2010

Benefit of being Shiseido Camellia member

Nowadays there is so many membership cards application available. I am talking about membership card for beauty companies. People often asked me got used meh.. bring so many cards ( yes I got a card wallet just to cater to this!).

Q: What can we do with the member card?
1) direct discount on products price
2)collect points for redemption of products
2) entitle to special discount/value buy
3) invited to pre-launching event/party of new products
4) entitle to redeem sample with their newsletter
5) the SA does recognize you as a member and tend to treat you nicer.

To be a member first all all, normally you to make a minimum purchase. So for Shiseido Camelllia member of RM250 to be their life member. All the benefit I mentioned above except no 1 (direct discount on the product price) are the entitlement of the member.

So last few weeks some of you might have receive this latest newsletter on their Shiseido Maquillage range.

As Camellia member, you will receive special invitation to their event

I didn't go because it's during my office hour >.<

Entitle to buy their value buy and redeem their latest product!

I have redeemed the Macquillage Rouge Enamel Glamour from my favourite SA Franie from Isetan KLCC.

And starting 3 September 2010, member must bring this card to collect 1.5ml of latest Ultimate Time Fighting Serum to try..It states clearly that NO PURCHASE ARE REQUIRED.

Nice or not !!!!

Note: Sometimes they have promotion for members where every dollar I spent I get 3x points.. Their point system is based on my spending Rm1 = 1 Camellia point

This is the new Maquillage Rouge Enamel sample that I have redeemed!

Comes with 3 colours .

Am going to play with it and hopefully come up with a review soon!

So I guess being a Shiseido Camellia is quite a good deal!

Don't you think so..

p/s: Remember when I first joined to become Camellia member, Shiseido gave me White Lucent Intensive Spot Targetting Serum 9ml worth RM123.. how generous!

And now I'm saving for the serum after trying itt..... so this marketing tactic works!

Let us try generously, we like it , we buy!

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