Saturday, August 21, 2010

HSBC Creditcard holders invited to preview of FB Benjamin Warehouse Clearance 27 Aug 2010

Click to read the details.


To enjoy the promotion above, payment must be made using any credit card issued by HSBC. Smart Privileges terms and conditions apply.

Note : Any HSBC credit card holder here? My reader Siti emailed me and said really wanted to go for the preview sale to do her Raya shopping..I cant go with her because Friday, am working.. so any of you here going.. and kind enough to let Siti tag along.. please leave your comment here.. Your help is much appreciated!!!


  1. hi..
    what time the sale start?
    isn't it true dat 1 HSBC cardholder can bring along friends? 2 or 3?

    been to the warehouse by fb benjamin b4 but forgot how many can we bring along..

  2. Its from 10-7pm. And according to mailer you can bring one friend. And better print the above mailer to present to them.


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