Monday, August 16, 2010

Look ma, I'm in the Oriental Daily Newspaper!

Last week John,Edwin (from and me was being interviewed by Oriental daily, a local Chinese newspaper. We shared about our experiences in warehouse sale and why and how we visit them.

p/s: My bro and best friend said I looked slim here... haha because I was hiding behind John

This was being published last yesterday. It was a 3 pages long interview!

If you people are interested to read , you can click the article to enlarge and zoom.

Who hates warehouse sale, when you can get better bargain there!

Of course we hate waking up early to queue and the attitudes of the crazy crowds. But all of us came with one mission , thats to get a good deal!

Why spend more when you can something at the a much more lower price (50% - 90% off)

Companies (whether from beauty, food, , furniture, fashion industry..etc) are facing the same problem when come to the issue of storage. They have a lot of old/existing products which maybe already off the shelf and it is still being kept in their warehouse. However it is a very high cost (rental and maintenance) for the companies to store products like this.

And and the longer the put there , there are facing loss ( products expired, broken) So in order to be cost efficient, they need to sell off their existing/old product before the company can bring in more new collection for storage. So they cannot run away from not having warehouse sale.

In view with our current economic growth, things are getting more expensive .. and our purchasing power has dropped tremendously.. and some of us salary did not even have an increment for years to combat with the increase of the price hike. Employer often gave excuse that the economy is very bad and company made not much business, hence not much profit and therefore there is no increment for all.

So how do we cope or maintain our current lifestyle?
Getting things from the warehouse sale is one of the way.

Contrary to popular belief, warehouse sale always have the outdated, expire and defective products. But then always can find a gem in there !

Speaking about outdated products , in Malaysia itself... our fashion cycle are way behind countries like Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Japan and other Western countries. And there are many stuffs which is a always in fashion, for E.g a black eyeliner, black color eyeshadow.. all these are the norm in beauty world.

Of course my advice is , if you want to catch some worms, be the early birds :)

And also one thing I love about warehouse sale, its like more to a get together with my shopping buddies.. we camp together..gossip to keep each other awake and then attack the sales together !

For me, I only shop during promotion and during warehouse sale if the things that I wanted are not urgent and are not of my must to have items. And often I go warehouse sale to help my customers to get their stuffs, with a nominal fee they are paying to me.. they can save all the trouble.. and I am happily shopping for them too!

So people whats your take on warehouse sale ?

Have you ever been to one yet?

Try it and you might love it

As I always say to my friend, we are one the biggest Economy growth contributor.. without us, many industries will go bankrupt!

So spend more to save the country economy !


  1. Great post! I was looking forward and didn’t expect to see it so soon! Again, great, sound advice. Looking forward to read more under those new tabs you added!

    News Paper

  2. Congra^^
    u looks pretty in the photo^^
    + u !

  3. wow.. you 1 of them too... respect... :)

  4. Zoe : Haha thanks.. must be because their professional camera take liao more nice one!

  5. Cath : ish.. nolah.. i one of the crazy shopaholic only :P

  6. Hi Jess,

    Been following ur blog for a while, ur blue colour blouse is very nice... can know where u got it ar?


  7. Hi fiseel ,

    Thank you, the blouse I bought from Guangzhou.. can refer to my post here .


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