Monday, August 23, 2010

L’Oreal Malaysia Luxury Product Warehouse Clearance Sale

L’Oreal Malaysia Luxury Product Warehouse Clearance Sale is back !!!

I know they just have it in May this year ... and don't know why there is another one so fast!

Anyway, this warehouse is worth a visit and if you like to look at my previous visit haul and price, click here

Date : 4 September 2010 ( Sat) - One day sale only

Time : 10am - 7pm

Venue : Parkroyal Lower Lobby, Plaza Ballroom, Kuala Lumpur

Brands available
  • Lancome
  • Biotherm
  • Shu Uemura
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Kiehls
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Cacharel
  • Guy Laroche
Note : Goods purchased are limited to a maximum of 5 pieces per item per customer.) Handbags, Pouches, Carrier Bags or any form of bags will not bet allowed at the sales location.

p/s: Anyone of you going? I think I'm going to have warehouse phobia soon.. since there are so many warehouse within this few months!

Since I love shopping, to cure my sickness.... I will be offering Personal Shopper service for this warehouse sale.

Kindly email me at jessying[at] to enquire


  1. park royal again?
    ok la.. see my mood.. lol

  2. ya.. so fast right.. i bankrupt already but heart always itchy wanted to go and see !!!

  3. go liao hand itchy sure at least adopt 1 items home bcus u love it kekekkee.....>_<"" mai go no see no buy no itch......

    tutu j

  4. Wow...that's fast. I thought the usual one would be in around December.

  5. tutu j : say is easier than done!!!

    MY : Hehe yes it's here again! Time for your Hari Raya Shopping ~~

    Camie : I should be there.. I think.. kekeke

    Charming Vanity : I think they want boost up sales.. especially next month already Hari Raya alrdy :D

  6. babe, this warehse do we have to q like the el waresale? how's the crowd? is it insane or quite ok? (based on your experience) thanks!

  7. Shyra : Not as bad and crazy like the Estee Lauder one.. last year I arrived around 8-8.30am still managed to be the earliest batch to get i think 8am should be fine unless got suddenly change of trend..

  8. how about 12pm? you think G.Armani cosmetics still available? hope to get compact face powder from lancome or SU

  9. Cll : 12pm might a bit late, I suggest you to go at least by 8am. I think most people will grab fromGiorgio Armani because it will likely to be very cheap. I bought the refill for compact face powder for GA for RM15 only..

    As for Shu, better be early because this is also the hot counters during the sale :D

  10. That's difficult to be around 8am as I need to lug around a 4 month old and a 3 year old. might need you to be my personal shopper for the face powder then :) how to request ar?

  11. Cll : Kindly email me .. jessying[at] and will need get the details from you..

  12. I am going too, hope you are going too. Scared to be alone ler... This is my first time going to this sales coz I keep missing it. I am really looking forward to it. Wanna get biotherm and Shu Uemura goods! Go la Jess :) see u there.



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