Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Free Hp Mini Netbook from TmNet!

I got this Baby!! Yeh is mineeee. mine.. mineee...

Yes this is personal :D

Most important this is free from applying Streamyx Cool Uni Pack (I know I'm not Uni student anymore...but my bf's bro is !!) Hence... this is nowww mineee..

Great promotion by Tm Net, offering 2 years contract , monthly payment of RM68 (1mbs), and free a HP Mini worth around Rm1300.

Yes its mini . but how mini !

Yes its slightly bigger than my palm!

Still not used to the HP Mini, cos everything so mini.. so I shall named it as Baby

Hope after I use it , i also become mini size .

p/s : I think I can die peacefully now or travel to the faraway land since I have everything I need in life... got my Blackberry , Boyfriend and Baby.. realized everything stars from B ? Ya because B means Best best.... boom ..boom... bankrupt! LOL


  1. good for you ^^ How it works for you ? Mine one is damn damn damn slow + lag , so I let my fren to help me format it but still using the windows 7 lak.
    And it became 10 times faster ! hahaha....

  2. Awww a free mini! What a great promotion! I'm dying for a mini, too )=

  3. oh yay so cool. its so tiny! btw i moved my blog to a new site. i'm still trying to add your picture to the link exchanges but you're on my list. come check it out! http://www.fruitylashes.com

  4. lol! its a mini hp :D i saw my fren using it too, didn knw the promo valid till nw,wah good for u keke!


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