Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review : Tsuya Tsuya Magic Nail Buff

Let me talk about nail today, just like my eyes.. sometimes I like it colorful.. sometimes I want keep it plain. But unpolished nail looks dull and yellowish..

So I am going to do magic show today with Tsuya Tsuya Magic Nail Buff

After several time of buffing... all shiny ~

The reasons why the nails are so shinnyyy are because I buff my uneven surface and the nail dust

It was shiny for like 1 weeks plus before it slowly return to the normal yellowish dirty looking nails..

Tips : to make the shiny surface stay longer, put a layer of topcoat on it.. I know topcoat itself will give you shiny appearance but if you have shiny nail + topcoat, so its super shiny!

I don't remember how much is this buffer. Maybe after i check out I update here :0

So have a happy weekends people..

I am in Bangkok now.. wan buff away all my stress, tension and unhappiness ..

p/s: Me heading to Bangkok 7-11 to get a bite of their super yummylicious cheesy hotdog..Miss you girls !


  1. you are in bangkok!!!! I HATE YOU!!! =( super jealous!!!! Don't forget to tapau their pork cup instant noodles =p hehehe

  2. How come it can be so shiny one? Bangkok? My shopping paradise


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