Monday, August 2, 2010

Say hello to my new boyfriend Canon EOS500D

After 3 years down the road with my 1st boyfriend, I kissed him and say Bye bye. It's gone for now. I love him, very much in love with him. He was a good camera,because it gave me the most beautiful pictures I ever owned in my life.. I feel proud of myself.. But it was over, he was blur and cranky nowadays that I can't stand it anymore. And after long consideration I decided to trade him for a new boyfriend.

Say Hello to my Giant Boyfriend....Canon EOS 500D !!

I got him from the Femme City Expo in KL Convention Centre at a pretty good deal!

So officially I am a DLSR user and I'm sure there is plenty of (s*x)Skills to learn with him.

I bought this for RM2249 (after trade in) which came with full package(16gb sd card, tripod and pouch) and also extra original battery.

So I am officially bankrupt
I will spend my time molesting him instead of shopping.


  1. nice one.. use this to take nice photo of me ya.. wakakaka...

  2. Jean : Wait till I familiar with my bf 1st, now new.. so shy shy a bit!

    CY : Ah.. why laughing.. ppl break up with ex.. got new one okay.. i'm not 2 timer!

    juli : I aint rich, if I am. I wont buy this, would just hire a photographer follow me day & night..

  3. Jess!!! Rich madam!! Woo~~DLSR pics coming up.

  4. wow new boy friend looks great. now professional already.


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