Friday, August 6, 2010

WEVents Presents: Gorgeous Hair for a Gorgeous You Workshop

We the Power Puff Ladies ! Roarrrrr!

Left to Right : Wendy , Me , Nian Tse, Jean, Kelly and Juli

I have been attending so many events for the past few weeks!! I'm so exhausted and haven't got time to blog all of them to share with you people here. Anyway.. there is this one event which I attended recently which was organized by WEVents (WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social events organized by WE (i.e Women Entrepreneurs in Malaysia).

The thing I admire about WEVents is that they are all professional and passionate volunteer who want to get together women out there to share about their thought and interest freely. Recently I was lucky to be selected to be one of the participants for their "Gorgeous Hair for a Gorgeous You" workshop with Winnie Loo from AcutAbove.

It was held in Zouk Cafe, in The Gardens Mall. We were treated with some delicious finger food after a hard day at work. It was a relaxing event after a long day at work.

Special thanks to Zouk Café Bar and J1 Consulting for sponsoring the food and venue.

The most awaited moment have arrived.

Jeanisha Wan (Founder and Marketing Director of WEvents) and Sook Kueen (Networking Director of WEvents) are the few amazing women behind WEVents !!

Winnie Loo the world renowned hairstylist is the Founder and Senior Creative Director of A Cut Above Group of Salons & Academy. In her own words, she is the surgeon with scissors on her own words. She is looking fabulous hot at the age of 56 which she openly declared her age at the sharing session.

She said once a male customer asked her for help and said "Yes I do love my girlfriend, but her look is getting boring... and please do something to change to her look, otherwise I may need to change her"

She said many women out there are afraid to change and often worry too much. She said don't afraid to go short hair, as person with short hair normally looks younger than their actual age which she took herself as an example. And that we (WOMEN) shall not have hairstyle that please our Husband/Boyfriend but instead make a best choice for ourselves. A haircut makes a big difference, and it is important that we must know our face shape and hair texture according to her. Don't afraid to color your hair because of it is cancerous because now Loreal Professional has came out with new innovation on hair color collection name INOA (odorless, amonia free and suitable for people with sensitive scalp)She shared some tips that women with round face should not have bob cut and short fringe and those with very long face (like horse) should not have long straight perm hair as it will make the face look longer.

The three lucky women are Xin Yi, Yunny and Tammy

Three lucky was selected to have a makeover done by Winnie Loo . All of them in their application form shared that their current hairstyle make them look fat and not confident. In the application form, Yunny said she wanted to have a gift for herself as the soon to be bride.. in December..told Winnie Loo she wanted to have a change in hairstyle, lucky she didn't say she wanted to change the bridegroom.. hehe !

One of the lucky girl, Xin Yi

Actually three of the lucky girls had their makeover earlier of the day in the evening and at the event Winnie was just enhancing their look by styling with some hair products.

There is a lucky draw session and our sunshine girl Kelly won the prize!

So after that we have quite a fruitful Q&A sessions with Winnie.. of course me being kiasu (person who fear to lose out) asked Winnie what kind of hairstyle I should have. She said that since that I am not so tall (sob) then I should go for a shorter length cut and with lots of layers and also style my upper hair on my head to create height...

They are the generous sponsors for the event !

And of course I did not miss the chance to snap a picture with Winnie!Congratulation to Winnie as she has recently been selected to be a part of the backstage doing hairstyling for the model in the New York Fashion Week which is coming in this September!!! She is the first Malaysian (and FEMALE) to be apart of this show which is dream by all hairstylists in the industry. It must be truly an amazing dream comes true achievement for her.

A group photo picture with Winnie Loo

From left to right : Cia Wei, Jean, Me , Wendy, Juli and Sharon

p/s:WOW I love our clothing color combination!!

It's a great together with our blogger friends here and thank you WEVents, Winnie Loo, and sponsors for making this event a successful one. I have truly enjoy the workshop and hope to have more of this WOMEN get together workshop/sharing session together.

These are the goodies that we got from the event, Malaysian Women Weekly Aug edition magazine sponsored by MWW, a lunch promo voucher from Zouk Cafe Lunch Promo, 2 voucher of RM20 off A Cut Above voucher , Beautyworks treatment voucher worth RM 188, Kerastase hair products and a comb from the AcutAbove. Not just that too, I also enjoyed myself learning and sharing in the workshop.

And to all the women out there, we (WOMEN) deserve to have not only a good hair day but gorgeous hair every single day of our life!

Do check out WEVent's website here and their facebook's too!

For more pictures kindly view my facebook's album.


  1. I was late and missed the 1st group photo! :( everyone look so pretty!

  2. Nice one!, Visit my latest, goin' to touch ur heart, hopefully ;D

  3. hahaha...i dont want to change my bridegroom..but can i have extra???hehehe


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