Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Swatch : OPI Swiss Collection - Yodel Me On My Cell

A while ago I went for my pedicure and saw the latest collection of OPI Swiss Collection!

Pretty right, this is the Fall / Winter 2010 collection!!

So the color I choose for my pedicure is Yodel Me On My Cell.

I can never understand why OPI name are so weird and do not feel there is a connection between color and the name

Pretty shimmering bluish green.

In fact this picture was taken 2 weeks after I done my manicure, seems the color stay pretty well right ?

The next color which I want to try is this!!!

This color name is cuckoo for this color

YES I'm cuckoo for this color by looking at the swatch!!

The color is shimmering dark green jade like color, so classy !!!!

Each original OPI nail polish is priced at RM57/each

For more information , visit OPI website here for swatch!

p/s: looking at the picture time to apply soak my feet with lotion!


  1. Ooooh I like the turqoisey colour on the bottom right area!

  2. I like the cuckoo color ! Jess swatch swatch ~ hehe...

  3. color theme is cuckoo and the ocean! I love the turqoise tone~

  4. I love purple! But I think the cuckoo is more outstanding! LOL

  5. pretty colors!!! You can get it preorder online for rm30 plus i think. try low yat :) Gorgeous color!!!

  6. Charming Vanity : thank you!

    Kim Hye Rin:yes turqoise is my favorite color !!!

    Jessyca: this cuckoo is very outstanding ! love itttt

  7. nicole : worry a lot of fake around !! got any site to order ? i love cuckoo.. cant resist!!!!

  8. Oh wow! I love the colour! U know ive been waiting to swatch them for a long time but my polishes are stuck in the custom:-( Guee will hv to wait and while thn look at urs:-) Swatch the cuckoo also ok:-D


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