Friday, September 3, 2010

Swatch : Shiseido MAQuillAGE Rouge Enamel Glamour

This is the latest range by Shiseido MAQuillAGE Rouge Enamel Glamour. It claimed that the enamel-like-color and gloss stay on your lips even after meals or drinking from a cup!

This is 6 beautiful shades available at the counter.

I like the plastic tip for the gloss :D

According to the pamphlet I have here, it stated that just 1 minute away from lustrous glow with this vivid color and high-shine gloss. Unprecedented beauty achieve with the secret of its double-coat

Rouge adds dazzling color with the Adherent Color Net Formulation while gloss is formulated with light-collecting Glass Pearl that creates lustrous shine.

The swatch - under normal light

Texture : is creamy thick but it dries off pretty fast (within 1 min)

Under flash

And after 3 hours, the color stay on!!! It's amazing!!!!!

No matter how hard I try to rub it off, its almost impossible!

My boyfriend is super impressed !

While this color is super long staying or i would say waterproof, it is not sticky!!!! Just I think it is a bit drying to use it alone! So please put on your lip balm before using this !!

I love how I do not need to reapply my lipstick every time I eat and drink!!!

This Rouge Enamel Glamor is selling at all Shiseido counter for RM90/each in WM and RM95 at EM

p/s: I have been super impressed by this and wanting to buy this, but I have few lipsticks that I have not even open and use it !

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  1. I always love the Japanese brand lipgloss. Bought one gloss with plastic tip during my hokkaido trip....


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