Friday, October 1, 2010

I love my new eyebrow shape now , by Shu Uemura!

I received a letter from Cosmopolitan last month!

Thank you !!!!

Happy I won Shu Uemura's eyebrow shaping service, eyebrow pencil and eyelash curler!

Which all the above, I have NOT tried before ! Yippeeee

I always heard about how good is Shu Uemura eyebrow trimming service but always no chance to try, and thanks to Cosmopolitan I am able to try for free!

I went to Shu Uemura's Midvalley to see Lisa Yap as she is the Shu Uemura International Accredited Artist and Brow Stylist after letting my eyebrow growing like jungle for a month.

Lisa went on plucking~plucking ~ and after 10 mins she is already done with her art work !

p/s: In Shu Uemura they do not use eyebrow shaver for the reasons our eyebrow re-grow quickly after shaving.

Anyway am going to show you my eyebrow jungle!

p/s: love my eyebrow shape now, the shape is so sexy!

The whole process was a bit painful as normally I do not pluck or shave my own eyebrow. Normally my facial therapist or makeup artist who is doing makeover for me will shave it off for me.

Minutes later, I found my new looks (giggles.. as if I have seen myself before).. I love it, it loojed neat, tidy and stylish. And I feel my eyes is more awake with the shape that Lisa created. And yeh more spaces for eyeshadow for highlighting.

p/s: I have tried threading and waxing as well, but I think plucking eyebrow is still the best before the shape is more well define.

I was advice to go back for trimming 3-4 weeks later to maintain the shape.

My new ME!

My prize !

The eyebrow pencil ! I am learning to use this ! So far so good!

Lisa Yap eyebrow shaping service is RM50 while Shu Uemura Brow Atelier done by their makeup artist in-store are RM30 for eyebrow reshaping and RM20 for eyebrow keeping (i.e to remove the grown hairs)

I think Lisa's service is definitely worth it as this is the first time my eyebrow are really well-defined, clean and most importantly balance.

So what do you think ??

p/s: I think I am truly a convert now.. if in future I need reshaping of eyebrow shape, would look for Lisa ! And I think the price is reasonable for the skills that she has !

Note: Shu Uemura Midvalley number 03-2287 1764. Need to call for appointment.


  1. Love ur new brow shape. Totally agree with u that the new shape is sexy.


  2. my gosh crazy!!!! RM50! That is soo soo sooo expensive because I need to go twice a month before my I did my embroidery . Now once every two months :D
    I am so jealous that you get their eyelash curler and pencil for free!!! Grrr! I love the pencil!! =D

    And your brows look fantastic!! :D You look more sexy with your current brows because of the shape. :D Previous one is innocent brows no arch =p Sexy look is better..pheeewit! :P

  3. Your brows look amazing. LOL @ the jungle comment...well you know, I think we've all got a jungle above our eyes if not for a little grooming hehehe I love the Shu curler!

  4. I love your new eyebrow shape! And yes, the Shue Uemura Hard Formula eyebrow pencil is awesome!

    Just got one myself, and I love it to bits! Since we don't have a Shue Uemura counter here in Austria yet, I have to use a regular pencil sharpener though.

  5. the curler and the eyebrow pencil are among the best in my point of view. And yerp, the eye brow shaping fee is very reasonable and is considered cheap. Nicely and neatly done. Their eyeshadow range is also very nice and long lasting. But as for the skin care products, doesn't suits my skin. :)

  6. Wah so nice ur prize. I hav to come out my own money to buy the curler n eye brow pencil. But I mst say this way to draw eye brow using Shu flat pencil has the best shape. I tried using Mac eye shadow with MAc angle jst so so.

  7. Wow, I love the shape of your eyebrows! I wish I could achieve something like this, too!

  8. Oh I did my brow shapin in pavilion Shu, the boutique manager Catherine, charge RM30 only.

  9. Charming Vanity : Thanks !!! now im blushing

    Nicole : But its all worth the money I think!! Still best if its free.. keke

    Tammy : Ya, I never realised till now brow trimming can make my eyes so sexy.. hehe !

    Jess : Oh Austria no Shu Uemura counter,thats sad :( Then I think I'm lucky caused I just send the pencil back to their shop and they will shape it for me. So normally you buy your Shu Uemura's product online ?

    cu734ngel: Totally agree what you say, i am also not a fan of their skincare products :P

    Doroshi : I just started to learn how to draw my eyebrow thanks to my prize. :D not same one Lisa is their nternational Accredited Artist and Brow Stylist , therefore she charged RM50, others only RM30 max.

    Gaby : Thanks ! I dont think I can ever get this shape if I am going to trim it myself (probably all the eyebrow gone.. hehe)

  10. wow your eyebrow shape looks really good. i want it!^^ but dont think my local shu counter does brow reshape.. i'll have to pop by sometime^^ xx

  11. kalai : you should check with them.. if not if one day come to Malaysia, this is the 1st thing u gotta do. get your eyebrow shape by Shu!!!

  12. Replies
    1. I think Shu Uemura offer eyebrow re-shaping for guys too. Call them to check :)


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