Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Estee Lauder Holiday 2010 Makeup Gift Set with Coach pouch Haul!

I know I am on shopping ban ! But this is too tempting and is Coach...!!!!! Yeh I don't own a coach ! Always when I save the money intending to buy a luxury handbag but I end up spending on something else.. skincare and cosmetic ! And now I can get Coach pouch that comes together with cosmetics ... what a great deal !!!!!!! However this is a a Purchase with Purchase Promotion, where I need to buy RM200 above of Estee Lauder's products before I can purchase this Coach set !

I bought Skin Care Holiday 2010 Hydration value set at RM230!

Try before their hydration cream sample, not bad.. so am going to give this a try!

Soft Clean cleanser 30ml, Hydrationist Maximum Hydration Creme 50ml in full size worth , Advance Night Repair Eye cream 5ml and Idealist Pore Minimizer Serum 5ml

Ya ya! My Coach set at RM180 (worth RM900)

I choose the Red pouch set after swatching all the 3 sets !

Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow & Signature Silky Powder Blush Palette

Actually this lipstick color is not as red as it seems! I have done swatch should be blogging about this Holiday collection soon!

Blusher and Eyeshadow Brushes

This Coach pouch is in sexy striking red and worth RM400 according to the SA! Love the color!

p/s: I also wish to own another 2 pouch in gold and silver, as they are very nice as well and will definitely easy to match with dress! >.<

KLCC is currently having roadshow in Concourse area and latest update is Silver Pouch is almost out of stock! However my friend who bought from 1Utama Parkson told me still got a lot (but no more Hydration set and Advance Night Repair eye cream). Also please note that some of the value set (eg Hydration set) not available in some counters already as each counter has limited set. So do call them to check to make sure it is still available !

This is definitely a super worth set to get ! Great gift for Christmas (for yourself, family and friend)

So what are you waiting for ??

Get yours now, available at all Estee Lauder's counter!

p/s: I am glad to get this set from Parksons where I buy using Bonus Link promotion for my birthday where I spend RM200 and entitle to RM40 cash voucher and I use the RM200 to buy the Coach set. And I used Elite card to pay for my purchase and entitle to 5% cash rebate some more!


  1. sister, i also hv bonus link card, how to get the birthday cash voucher? the rm40. u know... i also a Octo gal woh! hehehehehe
    actually Estee Lauder cosmetic no good if compare with lancome... last time i buy a whole big set... very disappointed abt their cosmetic set

  2. Camie : Ya let's do red Christmas party!!

    BT : I received the bonuslink voucher card in October every year where when I buy RM200 entitle to get RM40 cash voucher (expire 31 Dec). Maybe you need call Bonuslink and check to update your details. Yes I know Estee Lauder's eyeshadow are not that pigmented that is why I didn't not buy the blockbuster set although very worth it. The only reason I buy this Coach set is because of the Coach pouch and their lipstick and eyeliner are pretty ok to me. I think the eyeshadow color can be improved when we apply eye base/eye primer.

  3. yeah yeah..finally able to view ur great hauls photo..yea, we're having same color..!! its really great deal >.<

  4. may i know is tat pore minimizer is effective? cos i'm also interested bout it... the pores around my nose are quite big, thinking for some solutions to make it smaller....>.<

  5. Agnes Leong : Quick upload yours too !

    旅人: This Estee Lauder's pore minimiser have quite a good review in the internet, worth trying, that's why I'm getting this set :)

  6. hie after read thru ur blog , i went to jusco to enquire bout this christmas set at the counter . To my surprise they told me this coach set can only be purchased for rm180 along with rm200 NORMAL ITEM purchases. Since the hydration set is a best buy item , they 'compromised' by means customers would need to make another purchase of best buy item meaning total of 2 value sets only then entitled to buy the coach set . How disappointing . The SA given me another option is to buy the hydration set n add on with a normal item then only she might consider to 'closed an eye' letting me to purchase the coach set . sigh! ended up came back with empty hands as i don think it's gonna worth in that way :(
    can u tell more bout how u were able to buy those sets with great bargain n did u negotiate with the SA ? pls advice .
    thanks :)

  7. Hi ,

    There is roadshow in KLCC earlier on where you are allowed to buy 1 set Christmas set and entitle to buy the Coach set.I do heard that some counters required 2 purchase 2 value set in order for one to buy the Coach set. Have u try to check out other counters in Metrojaya,Robisson and Parksons?

  8. AWWw, so mouth watering envy for that couch pouch!I've spent to my limit already that's why i didn't get a chance to purchase that!^0^BTW< how did you get a bonus link card?Thanks!

  9. Aimee : Can apply to be bonuslink member from their website also. if you are talking about the voucher its a privilege to their member, where they send me voucher every year during my birthday month..Spend rm200 get rm40 cash voucher.

  10. hey...i thought the the pwp are not entitle to value set product???bt how come???please tell me...:((((

  11. During roadshow in klcc they allow ppl buy value buy to buy d coach set.. I not sure if there is any coming estee lauder roadshow. Will keep u inform!

  12. OMG...i want the hydration set so badly..seems to be sold out everywhere i go.. =(

  13. Charming Vanity : i remembered seeing them in parksons pavilion last fri!

  14. Just bought the set coz of the Coach Pouch but some of the items i'm not interested.Estee Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow & Signature Silky Powder Blush Palette and 2 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick (3.8g) Color 26 & 57. Is there anyone interested???

  15. Cool gift ideas! Wish someone also send me like that. Anyway, I've been looking for topics as interesting as this. Looking forward to your next post.



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