Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Kiehl's Christmas Party in Pavilion and KLCC!

Dear Friends of Kiehl's,

Come join us for some Christmas cheer! There'll be festive music, refreshments plus fantastic Christmas treats and goodies bags for guests.

The party is open to the first 100 (each store) who RSVP through Kiehl's KCRs, details as follows

Venue : Kiehl's Pavilion ( Level 2 - Concourse Level)
Date : 17 Dec 2010
Time : 7-9pm
Contact number : 03-21417160

Venue : Kiehl's Suria KLCC (Concourse Level)
Date : 21 Dec 2010
Time : 6.30-9pm
Contact number : 03- 2300 2784

Don't forget to give your name and contact number, and Kiehl's KCR will contact you to confirm the place!

Let's have fun with Kiehl's!

Merry Christmas!!!


  1. yes it is, just called to rsvp :) and its free admission, a yearly organized Christmas party by kiehls :)

  2. Yes will be in klcc one! Do come say hello of u see me :) see u next week!!


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