Friday, December 3, 2010

Review : Rimmel London Eye – Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner

A while ago, Rimmel sent me some products for review and my post is long due. Here are my honest review.

Rimmel London Eye – Exaggerate Liquid Eye Liner

Exaggerate Eye Liner creates a bold, precision contour around the lash line. Long lasting, easy to use liquid liner for an intense result.

As you can see the tip of the applicator(brush) is sharp and precise and which make the application very easy, just like how we used pencil eyeliner.

The color (black) is very intense, even with just 1 swipe.

With just 1 swipe, I manage to draw a very thin line for my eyes. Very simple and fast. And I really like it at this point, the packaging is small, the color is intense and it's so easy to use.

So I went for dinner after doing the swatch and to MY HORROR

The swatch on my palm smudges... (ya I was lazy to wash off the swatch and ran out for dinner nearby my house)

AND I looked into the mirror and got shocked!!!

I looked like panda here :(

The eyeliner is not smudge proof .

Or maybe I should try it with my eye primer or eye base again..

This product is available at RM26.90 for 2.5ml at Watsons & Guardian

Pros : Precise, easy to apply , color is intense, easy to carry & affordable
Cons : Not smudge/waterproof


  1. this is the first liquid eyeliner that i LOVE cuz ive tried all sorts of brand before be it chanel, dior etc. but i have to agree with u its not smudge proof!

  2. D= I didn't realize that an eyeliner could smudge that much!!
    Definitely a huge fail...

  3. Liquid eyeliner is a must for me.been looking for something that won't smudge for quite sometimes now..Good review dear :D

  4. to my horror too! not that its not smudge proof its also stubborn to removeee eek!

    i'm happy with my koji dollywink liquid liner! 2nd pen already hehe

    Zoe ana is right about DIOR~ as this failed me terribly~ the more line you drew over the color gets pickup and non stay yuckkk

  5. zoe : I love this eyeliner on the first swipe, but when it smudged.. my heart broken!

    Lisa : if this is smudge proof, I would say this is perfect eyeliner!! Hope they come out with smudgeproof formula soon!

  6. Wendy : :( sob sob

    Rosejaejong : Thanks babe, i also looking for a really good eyeliner that wont smudge!

    Stellar: Thanks babe for sharing, I shall try Koji one soon.. i heard so much good reviews about them . Dior one also not long lasting ah.. sigh !!!


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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