Friday, February 4, 2011

Beauty News : Kanebo Face-Up Powder- Milano Collection 2011

This is Kanebo limited edition Face-Up Powder from Milano Collection 2011 which has a very luxury packaging and promises to give moisturizing silky finish on top of our foundation.

Compact type velvet-smooth face powder for adding finishing touches to makeup, creates fine delicate texture and translucent skin. The bright beige powder leaves a clear and natural finish over any type of foundation. The formulation also includes UV block (SPH14.PA++) to enable use throughout the year.

Year 2011- motifs - " Angel of Unity" & "Daisy"

Every year, Kanebo comes out with new Milano collection using different motifs as the packaging design which has different meanings. The main motif for Year 2011 is " Angel of Unity". An angel flying high toward a new era, signify a future full of hope. The second motif is "Daisy", the national flower of Italy, symbolizing "Peace" and "Hope". These two motifs are created to symbolize our wish to advance toward a future full of hope with a new mindset and through mutual help.

Further improvements in moisturizing ingredients

The moisturizing ingredients in FACE-UP POWDER have been further improved. Besides Royal Jelly Extract, a moisturizer used in earlier editions, the new powder also includes the Daisy Extract, which is also used as a part of design motif for the case and powder's pressed design. The moisture-retention effects of these ingredients give skin prone to dryness with a non-cakey, velvety finish.

History of Kanebo FACE-UP POWDER

The steady popularity of the MILANO COLLECTION over the years can be credited to the outstanding designs. Since the origin release in 1991, the annual editions have been fashioned in new variations of the lofty goddess and angels motif. MILANO COLLECTION still claims the spotlight with high added value and changing designs every year.

Kanebo Limited Edition Face-Up powder from the Milano Collection 2011 (24g) is selling at counter now for RM248 at Kanebo counter in Isetan KLCC. Limited quantities available

p/s: When I posted a picture of this collection earlier this month, my friend Jacinta a beauty kaki, told me that she bought their previous collection said that this Face Powder gives a 3D final touch and in her own words this will turn to us into goddess of beauty... So I am kinda convince and cant wait to get my hands to this when I am back to KL next week :) Hehe.. anyway I reserved one for myself , the packaging is too beautiful to resist :D

Note : The above information is obtained from press release sent by Kanebo Malaysia.


  1. oh, it's gorgeous!!! Love the packaging and angel motif. Thanks for the post and info!

  2. Wow! The packaging is awesome! I can't wait to check it at the counters too...

  3. Luv this powder, it's gorgeous!... how much this poweder cost?

  4. Kanebo Limited Edition Face-Up powder is a limited edition powder that launch every year. It is selling roughly around RM248 at Kanebo counter in Isetan counters.


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