Friday, January 7, 2011

Free Kanebo Skincare trial set to try, my Bad Experience!

I spotted this notice board at the entrance of Parksons KLCC at the cosmetic floor. Unfortunately there is no one at the promotion booth. So out of curiosity I walked all the way in to their counter which is quite far inside to asked about the promotion brochure I took from the booth at the entrance about their facial package.

Quite a good promotion, if you asked me .

Apparently now , Kanebo Parksons have their own facial room and therapist to do treatments. In the past, they only offer complimentary facial to those who purchase Kanebo products and bring their own product for the facial service.

BAD EXPERIENCE : When I got to their counter there are two SA, I asked one of the two SA named Alice in shoulder length hair about the promotion outside. Then I asked her about the skincare travel set which was stated on the notice board they display outside. She straight away told me that I must buy to get it. Then I told her that according to the board, one can get skincare travel set upon consultation. Then she looked so angry and reluctant. So I said is okay if you can't give it. And she replied in a very rude voice that you must fill up the forms to get it and put the form on the table!

I was shocked because all these while I been using Kanebo service all their SA (not just SA, their manager and the Taiwanese lady who owns Kanebo Malaysia) are very polite and well-mannared, which explained I always go back for their facial and body treatment service.

So I sat down and filled up the form and asked if I buy facial package in with my Parksons and still entitle to the 5% rebate. She said she don't know. Then I asked are you new here (assuming if she is then is fine) , but she did not answer. And she don't even bother to call Parksons to help me to check. Because if true enough I could get Parksons 5% rebate, then it is very good deal because assuming my facial package is RM1k, I can get cash rebate of RM50 which is quite a lot!

So I asked her do I need to fill up the form since I am already their Kanebo's member for facial and body treatment. Then she questioned me why haven't I try buy and use this skincare range before since I'm their facial customer!

Well, she has no right to question me what brands of skincare I use.

It doesn't mean that if I only go for a particular brand facial, I must use their skincare range! And as you girls know me here, am crazy of Kanebo because of Lunasol! And I'm their member for this very reason.

Anyway when I first started signing up Kanebo facial earlier this year due to persuasion of my SA in Isetan to try. Initially I signed up for their Revitalising Facial Treatment but now I went for their Impress Total Rejuvenating Treatment after I found out I like their lympahtic massage method. And both range do not use Blanchir's product. And the only Blanchir's range product I have at home is their night cream which I bought few months ago. So I thought this is a good opportunity to try out their others products in this range.

So unwillingly she took out this travel set from the cupboard and started saying this is a cleansing cream.. and etc.. and stop shortly after I finished filling up the form. And when I asked enquire cleansing cream... (as I have not try cleansing in cream type before) , she did not bother to answer me and roll her eyes looking at her colleague!!

So fine, I walked away with this set with a very huge disappointed over her service. And guess what , she was mumbling and saying something about me as I was walking out of the counter. That is the final draw. This is not the way how you treat any customer! This is totally unacceptable and I am not going back there ever! I think I am happy to stick with Kanebo Isetan SA (Emily and Lisa), which I always recommend to my friends

And to those who are thinking to go get the skincare trial set to try, I'll say Good Luck to you !

Later actually I found out from Parksons that even for facial package, I could still entitle to get 5% cash rebate! But too bad, am not going back there anymore.

p/s: And I was actually very moody yesterday and thought of window shopping to chill myself...and Thank you to Alice she made it worst!


  1. So bad ga...I experienced this type of attitude SA in Clinique counter..that aunty so rude i also promise myself not to go back to her counter anymore and I wont take any clinique product anymore.lost trust on it and it do make my skin dry till it peels.
    Don b sad. U still have alot of frens like me to cheer u up..
    smile more k (=

  2. so bad this b**ch! tats why everytime i passed by beauty/cosmetics counters with promotions like these, i'm reluctant to ask them. I thought they were being trained properly by their HQ trainers!

  3. Tht's really bad of her..LOL...Maybe she PMS...I hate ppl who are incompetent to do their job tht they are getting paid for properly..

  4. Hi Jess,is't available at all counters??

  5. So far only see this in Parksons KLCC not in Isetan. is the same promo available in Penang..?

  6. Jess, you should write in to the manager complaining about her behaviour. that was absolutely awful customer service and she deserves an earful for it !

  7. omg i usually give these SA a piece of my mind, as i think they should know lor..actually i work as SA before, i know got commission, so i would scold them back if they are only working for commission, becoz no way they will get once i tell everyone how bad that counter is and will complain to the kanebo manager to give her a hard time lol me so meany hor

  8. Yes I am extremely upset and angry thats why blog about this ! Also I found out another friend also complained about this person Alice in Kanebo's facebook..

  9. LOL, I think you should have made a complain for such nuisance service.
    I am working in a multinational company where service to our clients are utterly very important.

    Unfortunately, she did not respect her client - as in you.

    Nevertheless, I am an avid Kose skincare user, I have to say Sekkei's range are much better as there are herbs in the skincare.


  10. I agree with Anonymous. Should write to the management and tell them of the lousy service you received. You're not just some random customer, you are already a member which means you are their REGULAR CUSTOMER. That gives you more rights to demand good service.

    Anyway, I was in Jusco Queensbay (Penang) but didn't see such promotion. Maybe Parkson Gurney / Sunway Prai may have.

  11. Actually many BA don't to give out their free trial gift because they want to keep it for themself(some sell with cheap price online) or use to attract people to buy item...this is not good, their company want the new customers to try actually.


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