Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lancome Ultra Lavande Spring 2011 Color Collection Swatch and Makeover

I went to try out Lancome Spring 2011 collection recently in Loreal HQ as face model recently . I think we are the first batch of public to get a glimpse of this Ultra Lavande Collection by Aaron De Mey.

Below are my swathes and makeover using one of the palettes


Ultra Lavande BY AARON DE MEY

The Ultra Lavande collection reignites the seventies spirit.

Lancome Spring 2011 Collection that will be launched in Malaysia.

The collection is named Ultra Lavande as the colors in this collection mainly are lavender and pink.

Butterflies motivated packaging on the palette cover

Lancome Ombre Absolue Mineral Eyeshadow Palette

Lancome Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony

Color : Silver, light pink, violet and dark purple - i think the combination color is pretty common.

Texture of the eyeshadow is fine and i think not all the colors in the palette is pigmented except for darker shade in the palette.

A60 Ultra-Lavande Cold Harmony -

The colors here appear to be Golden , White, Light purple and Violet

Love the combination here, would want to see how many different looks can be made using this palette

The very beautiful La Rose Butterfly blush - a mix of different shades pink, lavender, violet and peach, which can be used to brighten up the complexion as it is created mostly out of mineral powder. This beautiful blusher is priced at RM110
The new must have blush is an original twist of two incontrovertible items of the 70's style: the bowtie and the butterfly designed by Alexis Mabille. In fashion, wearing a bowtie is the ultimate chic attitude, besides a way to express free-spirit and absolute lack of concern for what other people think. The butterfly is a multicultural symbol of free soul, feminity and beauty of nature

The swatch : Very light pink, with a touch of little shimmering in purple

Lancome French Touch Absolu Lipstick comes in 3 shades

Left to right : 310 Daisy Rose , 308 Lili Rose and 312 Berry Rose

The lipstick is very pigmented. I personally like Daisy Rose :)

Le Crayon Khôl in Rose Ballerine

It is in light pink color and more suitable to draw inner corner of eyes to highlight

I tried the Lancome Ultra-Lavande Warm Harmony , the colors are soft and the eyeshadow texture are quite fine and would say better than previous collection.

Very pretty feminine / spring makeup.

I am interested to try the Lancome Ultra-Lavande Cold Harmony because I saw the combination looks more special to the one I used.

This collection will be officially launched by end of the month in Malaysia. And I am expecting to see the price for the products would be the same like the previous collection (i.e eyeshadow palette RM140, lipstick RM75)


  1. thank you so much for posting this photos and swatches!You're the one with this interesting info!

  2. Oh, the lavender theme by Lancome is really adorable! Both eyeshadow palettes look really pretty, and so do the lipsticks!

    You look amazing in these lavender shades! Love your makeover, Jess!

  3. pretty!!!!
    do you how much will the blusher be?? really tempted me! =p


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