Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blog on MAStraveller For a Chance to Realise Your Dreams!

In late February, I was invited by Nuffnang to attend I MAS Travel Bloggers' Party at Neo Tamarind in KL.

Its JoJo Struys as the MC that greeted us that night ! Looking as gorgeous like usual!

At the party, MAS officially launched I MAS TRAVEL competition where this is for any aspiring bloggers who have dreamt of showcasing and unleashing their blogging talent by sharing their holiday experiences at IMAS Traveller's website. And the 3 winners will be selected and awarded a page for each at Yahoo! Travel to share their holiday experiences to the whole world.

Malaysian Airlines Executive Vice President, Communications, Raja Zamilia Raja Dato's Ser Mansur said to join simple register to become a MAStraveller member and then submit a travel related blog post. It can be entirely new post or an old post from that exciting holiday you experienced last year. Basically they want want your best work!

Also they also want the participant to compile a one-minute introduction of themselves and inform the judges why you deserve to win.

Once you have submitted all this in the post, then start promoting your entry and ask friends to vote for you because this will contributed to the overall score. And as simple as voting is just a click away at the facebook "Like" buttons placed together with every submission on MAStraveller!

So whats the best part ?

Apart from being awarded a page at Yahoo! Travel , there are 3 grand prizes too!

YES an all expenses paid trip to two world popular destinations will be given away to each winner.

Grand prize : Paris with Auckland
1st Runner up : Cape Town with Seoul
2nd Runner up : Perth with Tokyo

ALSO ON TOP OF THAT , all winners also undergo Yahoo editorial training session in Singapore to hone their travel writing skills !

The panel of judges consist of representatives from Malaysian Airlines and Yahoo! as well as popular artist Yuna!

As a conclusion this is a travel portal by Malaysian Airlines also features unique travel experiences by real travellers in over 100 destinations which allows user to share their travel experience and insights by blogging and posting photos or videos. is segmented into the categories of STAY, DO and EAT categories. Travel tips are complete with addresses, contact no and website.

It also comes with a a trip planner feature enables users to compile their favorite tips with ease.

If you are Not interested to win those awesome prizes, you also should check out because there is also there is latest MAS deals, promos and initiatives for you to check out!

Bloggers at the events!

We are entertained with performance .

Some bravery Haka dance~

For more information check out !

Note : The contest is now extended to 15 April 2011, hurry still got time to join!

I love seeing the world and I love photograph them with my eyes :)

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