Thursday, June 30, 2011

My first purchased from Inglot Cosmetics Malaysia!

I can't wait to share with you girls something I just bought less than 12 hours ago !!!

And yes it is from Inglot Cosmetics and this is their first and only flagship store in Malaysia which is in Sunway Pyramid, Malaysia!

Well supposed to attend their official launch of their store and telling myself just check out the place and don't buy anything (so many unopened stuffs at home >.< )


I end up with these simply because I just can't resist !

What I got from the event

Their best seller - Under Makeup Base
Freedom System Eyeshadows 2x2 palettes
Blotting Sheet
2 sachets of YSM Cream Foundation No 43 to try !

And I cant wait to try all these stuffs !

Love ❤❤❤ this going to make me happy this coming week!

For more information check out
Inglot Cosmetics
Lot G1.36 Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, KL

Want to share any happy haul that you make recently?


  1. sooooo nice!! am going to get something from there sooooon! xD

  2. Wow, nice haul! I have been wanting inglot e/s. How much does it cost for e/s in malaysia?

  3. Single eyeshadow (w/out casing RM28 and the magnetic freedom eyesshadow casing is RM16 (for 2 colours)

    Maybe i will post a list of price soon if i got the time

    p/s: u should go check out their eyeshadow.. its really pretty pigmented and colours are awesome!

  4. Indeed Janoah !! And got the freedom to choose the colour of what we want and put in the casing !

  5. Oh my!! So pretty!!! I want!!! :(:(:(

  6. See, Jess just cant resist to shop! too!

    Nicole: Buy! Buy! Buy!

  7. wow not my stuff :P it is at sunway pyramid? hehe If got time I will go sampat abit

  8. Is it very expensive anyway? Cause when I look from outside the shop, it seems to me that price might be the same as MAC. :)


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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