Thursday, September 8, 2011

Estee Lauder Model Search Grand Finale

Last month Estee Lauder Model Search Pure Color "It" Girl is finally coming to an end by having it finale at Suria KLCC Concourse Area. It was a night full of glitz and glamour as a number of local celebrities are the VIPs of the night. Nazruddin (better known as Naz) was the MC of the night !

The judges panel comprises of representatives from Estee Lauder and its partner and industry expert such as

Katrina Liew, Brand Manager for Estee Lauder Malayasia
Ethel Cho of Andrews Models
Carven Ong which is one of the Malaysia's top fashion designer
Erra Fazira which is one of the Malaysia's most celebrated singer and actress
Miko Au, the talented hair stylist and founder of Miko Hair Studio and Academy

These finalist get the chance to wear Carven Ong's collection and walked down the runaway !

What a beautiful collection from Carven Ong ...droooll!!!

Judges has a tough time of selecting the winners and finally after 12 weeks of searching, going through over 4,000 contestants and receiving 5,000 on-lines votes, 20 finalists were selected - 10 finalists for Category A competing for below 29 years of age and 10 finalists for Category B for the above 30 years title.

A total of 5 Subsidiary Prizes other than the Grand Prizes. Suprisingly there are only 3 winners this year as some girls won a few subsidiary titles!

Bettini Annalisa - aged 17 / student
Estee Lauder - Miss Smile Korea
Estee Lauder - Canon Most Photo Perfect

Noorfara Atilia Bt Karin - aged 22 / student
Estee Lauder - Carven Ong Most Couture
Estee Lauder - Andrewmodels Most Promising Catwalk
Estee Lauder - Miko Galere Ambassador

Without doubt, Noorfara Atilia was the Grand Winner of Category A.

Apart from her y nice feature and body build. And of course she has a winning walk and smile too!

While Joanne Beryl Christine Stevens aged 35, a professional dance artiste was the Grand Prize Winner of Category B. She has a really beautiful smile and confidence that captured the heart of the judges and audience.

Believe it or not, she was a mother of 2 beautiful daughther.

Congrats to these 2 beautiful & confident ladies, each of them won RM51,500 worth of prizes!!

And yes their confidence makes them beautiful!

Congratulation for all the beautiful ladies, like Estee Lauder always said Everyone can be beautiful!!!

Group pic - Judges and winners

Me and Sharon - and yes we are beautiful :D

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