Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fight the Five Causes of Sweat with Rexona

Do you have body odour ?
Sweat itself is odourless. However, it triggers body odour when it comes in contact with the bacteria that naturally live on human skin. These bacteria break down sweat and body odour is the by-product of this process.

And do you know that

(from The No Sweat Survey commissioned by Rexona)

-6 out of 10 Malaysians do not use deodorant

-65% of Malaysian often joke about their friend's body odour but the brutal truth is that they are actually serious about it

-The five causes of sweat (light movement, heat,stress, humidity and emotions ) are inevitable in people's daily routines and have a silent effect without them realising it

And in FACT a small amount of perspiration is all takes to expose individuals to the risk of body odour!

So why want to risk right since according to research that a person is unable to detect one's own body odour?

Rexona, the world's number one deodorant, took the lead of improve Malaysians' understanding on swear and its consequences through an experiential platform. The event themed "Don't Sweat It with Rexona" was organised to unearth to the five causes of sweat and to break the twisted myths of body odour. It is also hope that this will give rise to a re-evaluation of one's personal care regime.

The are 5 stations which demo the five causes of sweat are:-

Malaysia is a hot and HUMID country and when we are outside walking on the street, we will easily sweat! Here the media friends were given a relaxing hand massage with a warm towel.

STRESS is one of the triggers of sweat. So de-stress yourselves by punching & kicking the Life-Sized Punching Dolls

HEAT, this is usually when we are under direct hot sun at the beach! So remember to wear hat or bring umbrella when you go to the beach to have fun!

LIGHT MOVEMENT also can caused sweat, here I'm playing bowling with Xbox Kinect

EMOTIONS can trigger our sweat too ! Here Rexona treated the media friends to watch exclusive movie screening of Dream House, a horror thriller starring Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts.

The other startling facts uncovered through the No Sweat Survey by Rexona are:-

-65% would often make jokes about their friends’ Body Odour . Except they’re not really joking.
-60% would rather hold their breath than tell you.
-40% often breathe through their mouth. On dry land.

Today sweat and body odour can be triggered as easily as it can be prevented. Staying Odour-free, fresh and confident all day long is no longer an impossible feat! So do try out Rexona, they have spray and roll on deodorants!

Me & Li Chuen

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