Friday, October 28, 2011

Sakae Sushi Introducing Malaysia's 1st IPad Ordering System

After Shills "Meet Beauty Blogger" Event, Sakae Sushi Froggie welcomed all the beautiful bloggers to Sakae Sushi in Berjaya Times Square for tea time.

I was arranged to sit with Sharon, Esther and another blogger which I dont remembered her name now

Me and the iPad!

Sakae Sushi introducing Malaysia's 1'st iPad Ordering system where just browse,select and order with just the touch of a finger! So easy and cool! Currently Sakae Sushi The Curve, Berjaya Times Square and Sunway Pyramid has this ordering system , so do check this out!

I love how I can zoom in the picture to look at the details and flip flip the menu with my fingers, if all restaurants have this, I don't think less misunderstanding with waiters of placing wrong orders! I was told that this menu system has increased Sakae Sushi's restaurant's efficacy by reducing its serving time by 30-40%. Thus, the hassle of waiting for an outlet staff is minimized and customers can also easily keep tab of their bill and orders!

Apart from that let's see what they served us for tea time :D

Genmaicha green tea

Sakae candles sushi - taste very unique and rich, love how they combine the ingredients and make it right~

This is one of the Sakae Sushi's signature dishes which consists of crabmeat,avocado, Japanese cucumber, shrimp roe, codfish and mayonnaise.

Chawanmushi which is super delicious !!

Teriyaki Chicken set - also one of my favourite

I love how sushi are carefully and beautifully decorated :D

Me & Sharon

The beautiful people from Shills and the happy bloggers that just had the great tea time at Sakae Sushi

Not forgetting a goodbye hug from Froggie, oh my I looked like a happy 8 years old girl here !

For more information, visit

p/s: Check out what Pauline thinks about this Ipad ordering system here


  1. iPad system is much better than their old system, i think. Coz last time need to use mouse, sometimes no space to even move the mouse! lol
    The sushi looks delicious! And the frog mascot super cute la, just like you. XD

  2. somehow i realised that the iPad isnt sensitive enough towards the touch. Hahas, but it's still better than the mouse :)


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