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14 finalist for Asia Model Festival Awards New Model Search Malaysia 2011

Oh No! I'm not tall enough to be a model like supermodel Amber Chia!

However I'm lucky to witness the Asia Model Festival Awards New Model Search Malaysia 2011 (ANFMS 2012).

After close to two months of searching and auditioning, the top 16 finalists for the ANFMS 2012 were revealed by supermodel Amber Chia and catwalk guru Benjamin Toong at a press conference held at Aristo, Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur.

All these contestants have come a long way as the search saw over 500 contestants submitting their applications through online registrations, as well as from attending a one-stop only road show audition at the Damansara Jaya campus of KDU University College.

This number was reduced to a top 51 during the semi-final stage, where only 26 females and 25 males made the cut.Then the top 51 faced judges Amber Chia, Benjamin Toong and professional model Esther Tan and KS Tan during callback auditions at Amber Chia Academy, where they were supposed to be eliminated till 12 remains.

However, due to the stellar performances given by the semi-finalists during the auditions, combined with the accumulation of SMS voting (which contributes to 50% of their final scores), the judges deliberated and decided to form a top 16 instead because according to the judges i.e Amber and Benjamin ...they have difficutty to select just the top 12 as these 16 contestents have trully show their high quality during audtions.

The top 8 female models for ANFMS 2012 Finalist

The top 8 male models for ANFMS 2012 Finalist

Pictures with the sponsors

The top 16 contestants that were selected as the finalist they were will then undergo Amber Chia Academy boot camp. Amongst the activities they will go through are a makeover session; training on posing by Amber Chia herself before their official photo shoot challenge; and of course, training on catwalk by BenjaminToong in preparation for their show down during the grand finale.

Me & male contestants before their makeover session

Me & female contestants before their makeover session

p/s: Wish I could be this tall :((((

Picture after hair makeover at Acutabove! Compare this picture and the above one!

Now with the new haircut and bootcamp, these contestants are more confident and looked like professional trainned models!

Among the contestants, one female and male winners, as well as their respective runner-up, will win all-expenses paid trip to Seoul, Korea where they will undergo a one week modeling boot camp with one of Korea's top modeling schools, in preparation for the ANFMS 2012. They will get the once in a lifetime opportunity to represent Malaysia, for the first time ever in our country's history, at the prestigious Asia New Face Model Search 2012, which will be organised in Seoul, Korea, in conjunction with the annual 7th Asia Model Festival Awards.

Do you believe this is the same person?

Omg , she looked so hot and with the new haircut I can see her sharp feature clearly! And this is the power of makeover where a change of hairstyle gives a totally different look all together.

As for today, only 14 contestants are in the running to win the ANFMS 2012 and here are the names:-

7 female finalists are
Ancy Look Yeen Hua (20)
Eileen Chuah Zhi Ling (19)
Josephine Chin Oi Mun (20)
Kao Yu Ling (21)
Reina Lim Huay Fung (18)
Sabrina Beneett (21)
Wafa Johanna de Korte (17)

Note : These female finalists were also selected and given the exclusive opportunity to take on the runway at a fashion show, which is part of the prestigious Malaysia lntemational Fashion Week (MlFW) 2011 , taking place just two days before their grand finale.

The 7 male finalists are
Aven Chop Kah Whai (19)
Bradley Lim Chee Hou (20)
Bryan Ho Fung Ron (19)
George Tan Zhuo Chun (21)
Kurt Chin Ke Liang (18)
Lim Gian Yang (19)
Soo Xu Ze (20)

Note : Jayarubini a/p Sambanthan Muthaliyar (20) self-withdrawal and Yap Zi Xin (22) was eliminated last week.

p/s: I want to learn how to pose like Amber and I think I'm joining their Fashionista Boot Camp for this reason !

Apart from Amber Chia and Benjamin Toong who will be the judges for Asia Model Festival Awards New Model Search Malaysia 2011, Korea Model Association chairman Yang Eu-Sig, Korea Pro Makeup Association president Ahn Mi-Ryeo, and renowned Korean model and actress Lee Hwa-Seon will also be the judges for the grand finale which will be taking place at the renowned Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur on 28 November 2011

Both the female and male winners, as well as their respective runner-up, will win based on 40% of judges vote, 30% SMS voting and 30% from their boot camp performance.

To check out the finalist photos and vote for them , visit


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