Friday, November 18, 2011

Must watch Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2011

I just went to the launch of Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia 2011 few days ago and Oh my !!!

I haven't got such a good and hard laugh .... I was glad I went for the event despite not feeling well...amazing I feel better after that!!!

No wonder there is a proverb "Laughther is the best medicine"

Nadia Hadia was the MC for the day and she was sharing that the inagural show for Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia was back in Oct 2010 and it was a huge success and they are back in KL again with sold out shows in Malaysia and Singapore!

This year they are presenting 5 major comics from overseas and 2 Malaysians!!!

For your information, Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia is the product of th The Comedy Club Asia , where it is a collaboration of its 2 entities The Comedy Club Singapore and The Comedy Club Malaysia. This Kings and Queen of Comedy Asia is a Stand-Up Comedy where it is a form of art and has grown only in recent time.

Let me introduced the comedians!

Sugar Sammy from Canada can fluent comedy in English, French, Punjabi and Hindi. His HBO Canada show was one of the network's highest rated TV Special.

Paul Ogata is a Japanese/Hawaiian lives in California is the funniest among all. He was crowned as the The Funniest Asian-American Comedian in US back in 2004

Joanne Kam Poh Poh is a Malaysian , and one of the very few Asian female stand up comic who has carved a career in this male dominated industry !! Her jokes are sexyy and hottt!!!!

Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong , won a stand-up comedy for the Chinese Category , making the funniest Chinese person in Hong Kong ... is an Indian ! He speaks fluent Cantonese like all other Hongkies and everyone was shocked when he started speaking in Cantonese! His cantonese is better than mine ... and its not funny :(

Everyone knows him! Harith Iskander is Malaysia's premier stand-up comedians and he has performed for more than a decade!! Not only he is our country No 1. comedian, Harith is an accomplished , award winning fim director and writer too!

Since these people are the funniest group of comedians from Asia or of Asian descendants from around the world, I got to take some pictures with them !

There are some local comedians from the MACC joined us for the night .. MACC means Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians.

Managed to get some funny pose from them!

This is not funny.. Sugar Sammy is so freaking tall!

Show info
Venue : Plenary Hall, KLCC
Time : 18 & 19 November 2011
Show Time : 8.3opm- (2.5 hours)
Tickets : RM88, RM128, RM198 and RM298

Get their tickets here

For more information visit

Must go and watch this and you will have the laugh of your life!!!

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