Monday, February 20, 2012

Am now in Hakodate, Hokkaido Japan

Picture taken in Hakodate station this morning!

Hey people, if you are wondering why there is no updates from me... it is because I am now in Japan. Arrived here last Friday and will be here for the next 10 days..Today I just arrived in Hakodate,Hokkaido.

Hakodate Night View from Mount Hakodate

Just now I went to the Mount Hakodate to see the night view which is one of the top 3 night view in the world (the other being Hong Kong and Naples). The view is breathtaking and from the mountain summit, you can get a magnificent view of the Hakodate bay on the left, the Pacific Ocean no the right.

It was -2c just now... freezing cold when wind blew!

In the afternoon we have light snow and we are praying for some heavy snow (cos haven't seen one before). And when we are done with our dinner just now and as we walked back to the hotel sudenly it was snowing so heavily that I could not see my way back to hotel.... quite an experince indeed ! While I always complained it is flaming hot back home in Malaysia, it is freezing cold here!!!!

Will keep you guys updated !!

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