Friday, March 23, 2012

My new favourite sunblock

Sometimes I loved sitting outside the café to do my blogging work because I enjoy watching people walked by while having my favourite strawberry smoothies.

However do you all know that even though I am not sitting directly under the sunlight I am still exposed to UV rays? I cannot run away from the UV rays even if I choose to sit inside the cafe because UV rays can reflect off windows, concrete roads and penetrate through glass windows!

The scary thing is this bad UV rays will speed up skin’s aging process resulting in wrinkles, dark spots, freckles and pigmentations!!! Yes, no matter how much whitening product you use, it is VERY important to apply sunblock everyday as part of our daily skincare regime to protect our skin from harmful UV rays so that skin stays healthy and beautiful!

However,I am sure most of us hate the sticky and oily feeling after we apply sunblock right? And what is most annoying is the smell which is hard to stand!

However I am so glad that finally I am able to find a sunblock that is not only affordable but able to provide long lasting protection without any sticky or greasy feeling. So fresh, cooling and moisturising, it felt like I did not apply sunblock at all! It is a product from Biore which would be launched soon in the market!!

Me & my new favourite sunblock!!

Now I am not afraid of the UV rays and can play around with my dog, Bebe during the day time!

Do you girls want to know more about my new favourite sunblock?

Product review coming soon, do stay tune!

p/s: Freebies up for grabs


Let me know what you think! Thank you :)

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