Sunday, April 1, 2012

First Day in Siam Reap - An epic dinner at Tonle Sap

I stayed in Rithy Rine Angkor Hotel, book through

Love the swimming pool here, clean :)

p/s: I did went for a short swim :)

Breakfast in hotel. Yummy...fried rice with pork. I like their rice its so chewy!

We reach hotel around 9 something and hotel told us to have our complimentary breakfast first as our last day flight is very early and we would have to miss it. How thoughtful they are!

A tripple room cost us RM146/person

After a rest, we called and booked a sunset dinner cruise at Tonle Sap, which starts at 3.30pm. They came and picked us up in an air-condition van.

Half way pass through a very big lotus farm, we asked him to stop to let us go and see and take pictures.

At the jetty , taking boat to Tonle Sap. Here we are told the business are being monopolised by the Korean!

Walking down to the jetty is a bit scarry because there is no real stairs.

Me in the boat. We were told it's dry season so water is very low around 1 feet hence the water you see in the picture is muddy.

We tooked a similar boat like this too!

Along the way, saw a lot of floating houses at the canal heading to Tonle Sap.

Their life is quite simple. However we even saw school and church floating on Tonle Sap.

During dry season these people live on the Tonle Sap, and during wet season, they have to move to the canal.

Oh yes, they even rear pigs on Tonle Sap. Ewwww.... someone ever fall into the Lake, must have died of infection instead of drowning!!!...

First stop at Crocodile Farm & Catfish farm.

p/s: Guide said the crocodiles rear here will be exported to China market to make leather products!

Saw mother bringing their children with pythons on their body. Asking tourist to take photographs with them for some money.

This little girl keep looking at me hoping I would want to take pictures with the pythons. But no way, I don't like snakes !

This is their life, trying to survice. Children are asked to hold the pythons as if it's their toy!

It was about sunset.

Boarded on the big ship/cruise and just shortly dinner was served. I had an epic dinner! It's not a sunset dinner but a thunderstorm one! Rain is heavy and lots of thunderstorm, everyone was drenched but we still sat and have our dinner and chatted... Someone even said it's like our Last Supper. It's indeed an experience that I will never forget, well worth the USD33/person we paid for !


  1. Wow, great sharing and hmm... abt the rain... I think it could be just God's way of testing your patient!


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