Monday, April 2, 2012

The NEW Central Park at Berjaya Times Square KL

Have you visited Berjaya Times Square, KL recently ? If you remembered well, there used bazaar that housed a cluster of kiosks peddling a range of products catering to the lower end market but NOW it's renovated and renamed as Central Park. This will be a new addition to this themed shopping district reminiscent of the glitzy 5th Avenue in the United States.

A very beautiful structure decked in green in the centre of the 3rd floor, Central Park sits on more than 5,000 square feet which contains 40 retail lots in a prime area surrounded by seasoned tenants. It is a blend of modern simple designs and open spaces, these exclusive lots are inspired by the intrepid nature of Mother Earth. Although this is not real green, but looking green is already pleasing to our the eyes :)

During the media briefing, we were ushered to higher floors to admire the uniqueness of Central Park which is it allows shoppers on higher floors enjoy a bird’s eye view of the lush greenery and the products housed within via its transparent polycarbonate ceiling as the warm lights of the mall spill into it, giving it a forestry feel. Every inch of the walls and columns of Central Park are wrapped with greeneries and thus resemble the English cottages of yore.

I was told Central Park also serves as a platform of opportunities for young entrepreneurs to set up their businesses by helping them create a nice and conducive environment. Some of the notable tenants which invite you to put your quirky cap on include Macco Gifts which carries a range of pouches and accessories for smartphones, Shuz Box which tempts girls to put their best foot forward, literally and Planet Popcorn which serves a yummylicious snack that is the talk of the town.

Many fashion bargains can be found here!

After the short media briefing, we were told there will be media pampering session for us to enjoy. A very nice gesture by Berjaya Times Square to thank the media for their support.

First we were brought to Thai Odyssey at LG floor, near to Cold Storage. One of my favourite massage place but it is kinda of pricey to afford this every week.

I read that Thai Odyssey has been awarded No. 1 in Traditional Thai Massage and awarded as "Best Family Spa" at Malaysia Spa & Wellness Award 2010 by Ministry of Tourism Malaysia! No wonder they became my favourite, because all their theraphist are from Thailand and are really well trained.

We have a head, neck and shoulder massage for 15 mins ! It was so good that I was in heaven!

Next stop Michael & Guys which is located at LG, we can either opt for haircut or just hairwash.

I chose the later one as I wanted to keep my hair long ... thinking to perm it later. Thanks to the Berjaya Times Square arrangement, I have great hair wash and hair do and I was ready to go for a date after the event :D

That's all for now, do remember to check out the new Central Park at 3rd floor Berjaya Times Square. Definitely you will find some good fashion bargain here :)

For more information, check out Berjaya Times Square Facebook or visit

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