Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bagan Lalang my new favourite place for budget getaway!

I love travelling and everyone knows it. And people often ask me how can I afford to travel so often, so I always tell them to plan ahead and have a budget.

What does that means?

It means that I always plan ahead, as early as one year ahead in buying my air tickets from our Malaysia best local airline, AirAsia . And usually I buy it during their megasales *wink*! And I booked all my accommodations earlier so that I am entitled to get the early bird discounts. Besides that, in order to make travelling more affordable, I always have a budget in mind and plan how much to spend on food, transportations, accommodations and etc so that I will not overspend.

I love flying away for holidays but due to time constraints, it makes it very hard. So, when I like to have a weekend getaway with my family and friends, I will choose the local spots. And recently I found this awesome place and it is a hidden gem in Selangor where it can be a budget holiday for everyone!

I heard about a place named Bagan Lalang from Tourism Selangor when they were introducing this place in their twitter message last year and I was thinking isn’t Lalang (a malay word) means long long, sword-sharp coarse grass or weeds ? I was wondering a place full of long weeds….and what was there to make it so interesting? Hmmm….

Well then, by luck I was lucky to be invited by Tourism Selangor to join their 3 days 2 night outing for the Selangor Water Festival Tweetup Adventure at Bagan Lalang, and now can I confirmed now that Bagan Lalang is a very beautiful undiscovered beach in the Sepang District,Selangor.

Information from Mr.Google

Bagan Lalang is a beach destination near Sungai Pelek town in Sepang district, about 60km from Kuala Lumpur. Once a quiet fishing village, the Sepang Gold Coast integrated resort development has transformed the area into a booming holiday retreat; the Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas the first of a series of luxury hotel and apartment projects. Meanwhile, international visitors transiting at Kuala Lumpur airports,30km away have a convenient spot for a quick sojourn as they await the next flight out. Finally, sunny weather, calm sea, beautiful scenery and easy access from KL enhances the travel appeal to this tropical getaway”.

Bagan Lalang is a place of natural beauty, full of trees, flowers and beautiful beach.

The Bagan Lalang beach is also very beautiful, clean and quiet. It’s a favourite picnic spot for the locals.

Top 6 things we can do at beach without spending a lot of money

1) Feel & play with the sand

The first time I stepped my bare leg into my beach, I was thinking OMG the sands are so fine and white like flour and most importantly, it is very clean! Contrary to what I always thought about Malaysia’s beach to be really dirty but Bagan Lalang beach has proved me wrong!

And I make a joke here to my friends that the sand here is so fine that I can actually use it to scrub my foot to exfoliate and remove my dead skin cells!

And fine sand like this is perfect to use to build sand castles and I think I can spend whole day here building castles! We can also build castles in the air too!

2) Fly a kite

I always like playing with kites so when I saw a lot of stalls selling kites and beach balls, I am smiling like a happy girl because I am going to buy a KITE for myself! I remember I last played kite was like 10 years ago….OMG!

So many colorful kites, I don’t know which to choose! Guess which one I chose?

I bought the rainbow color one! And I must say flying a kite needs a lot of patience, because it is not always easy to control the kite to fly high or low.

3) Dig some clams (Lala)

I walked around the beach and found this Chinese uncle digging for something. I was wondering what was he digging!

A closer look, he was digging for clams or better known as LALA at his free time!

And he has a pail of them, fresh LALA …yummy!

So when I asked this Uncle how he knows when there are clams on the beach and he said that it’s easiest to find them during low tides. And I decided to try to dig for some clams too and he was kind enough to show to me how and even let me trying it!

I tried and tried….Well I must say it’s not easy! Need a lot of pulling with the clam fork and finally I gave up!

4) Stand still and watch

Then as I walked I saw lots of holes like this on the beach. As I had been wondering what was within these little holes, I decided to stay quiet for few minutes and guess what came out!

This little crab came out and says Hello! So adorable and even stand still to pose for my camera!

3) Watch the beautiful sunset

What is a beach trip without watching the sunset view?
I love how the sea wind was blowing on my face and the sound of ocean waves hitting the shore!

6) Take a beautiful jumping photo on the beach with friends!

It might look easy but actually we had to jump like more than 50 times to get a shot like this!

So after visiting the beach, we headed down to a seafood restaurant located along the beach and ordered some fresh seafood. Plenty to cheap seafood to choose from and they make fantastic dinner!

And that concludes my day trip at Bagan Lalang, a truly hidden gem, a place where I want to go back sometime again without burning a hole in my pocket. I highly recommend this place to my oversea friends and family where they can fly down to KL via AirAsia cheap airfare and head straight to this place in less than an hour time! There are plenty of cheap chalets on the beach and they can even stay in Tune Hotel near LCCT !

So why go far when you can fly down to KL not only for shopping but for a beach holiday! And who say Kuala Lumpur or Selangor do not have proper beach for holiday!

p/s: Missing this place already!


  1. Nice! Budget tour are always the best =)

  2. i was there with u @ Kuala Selangor last time :)for the DayOut. the guy with green shirt. nice write up! say Hi to your boyfriend :)


  3. I still remember how many times you and Sharon+Kelly jump at the beach for the perfect jumpshot. It was really fun ;p

    PS: Thank you Jess for something nyahaha!

  4. I visited here before during my 2 months MC, you should visit during sunset.... beautiful. I have blogged about in under Malaysia. but i didnt go look for siput though...hehhehe scared.


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