Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One of the best recent movie I have watched, Marvel's The Avengers

If you asked what is one of the best movie I have watched so far in year 2012, definitely Marvel's The Avengers is one of them! And guess what, I watched it in TGV IMAX 3D cinema in Sunway Pyramid... seats are super comfy, screen is super big and most importantly the 3D glass is so comfortable to wear! I really like the 3D effect here, so real and I actually jumped up my seat at the starting of the show.. too real :x

Marvel’s The Avengers is presented by Marvel Studios ia about the Super Hero featuring iconic Marvel Super

Iron Man (by Robert Downey Jr)

Captain America (by Chris Evans)

The Incredible Hulk (by Mark Ruffalo) - my favourite character of all

Thor (by Chris Hemsworth)

Hawkeye (by Jeremy Renner)

Black Widow (by Scarlett Johansson)

Nick Fury (by Samuel L. Jackson)

The story in the “Marvel’s The Avengers is where Nick Fury, director of the international peacekeeping agency known as S.H.I.E.L.D., initiates a daring, globe spanning recruitment effort to assemble The Avengers team to defeat an unexpected enemy threatening global safety and security. Despite pulling together the ultimate dream team, Nick Fury and longtime confidant Agent Coulson must find a way to convince the Super Heroes to work with, not against each other, when the powerful and dangerous Loki gains access to the Cosmic Cube and its unlimited power.

All I can say is that I like the action part of the movie eventhough in the middle part there are too much talking overall its a good movie to watch.I like how they added a little sense of humour using the Hulk in the movie. I would rate the movie 4/5 if you ask me :) Recommended to watch in TGV Imax 3D theatere !
Have you watch this ? If you have not, then you should !

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  1. I watched it in TGV IMAX too! Super awesome la the movie. I would watch it a few more times if my budget allowed for it, lol.


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