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Physiogel Blogger Workshop

A while ago, Nuffnang invited a bunch of bloggers to learn more about Physiogel which is devolped by Stiefel a specialised pharmaceutical company with a focus on advancement of dermatology and skincare for over 160 years. Today Stiefel is a part of GlaxoSmithKline group of companies.

There are 2 speakers at the Physiogel Bloggers Workshop, where the first one is s Dr. Leong Kin Fon, a Paediatric Dermatologist where he shared about what is atopic eczema. It was really informative as before this I could not differentiate between atopic enzema and other eczema. I was really keen to find out what is eczema about as my sister herself has eczema problem, and I wish I could find out more to share the knowledge.

He shared that atopic eczema is usually happened on first 5 years of life of baby. And I confirmed that my sister do not have atopic eczema (thank god!) because atopic eczema is not curable and it can only be controlled. The cause of atopic eczema is not known, but the disease seems to result from a combination of genetic (hereditary) and environmental factors.

The thing about atopic eczema is that one willl have the uncontrolable urge to scratch it and it is a torture especially to the baby who haven't learn to talk.

We were told th approximately 20% n Malaysia and Singapore with 90% of sufferers developing the atopic eczema condition before the age of 5 years old.

One that has atopic eczema will have physical skin damage from the excessive itchy scratch and in the end he/she will have inflamation. As a result, the person skin become red & dry.

The cycle.

As you can see it is important to keep the skin moisture so that the skin would not be itchy. As when one has itchy scratch, there will be chances of inflamation & infection hence causing the skin dry. So the one thing one can help to reduce the risk is to make sure the skin is hydrated.

If the skin is dry, it will trigger the itchy scratching symptoms.. just like tha sponge bob (dry outside)

This is how serious atopic eczema can be. I felt heartbroken when I see this picture :(

Although atopic eczema maybe a genetical disease, it is important to keep a hygiene environment so that it will lessen the risk to trigger the atopic enzema symptoms.

Some of the trigerring factors of Atopic eczema.

Dr Leong said that one of the most important thing an atopic eczema patient should do is to keep the skin moisture. And one must choose the right moisturizer that are designed for eczema.

The reason why Physiogel is many favourite is that because Stiefel is a Global Leader in Dermatology and recommended by DERMATOLOGIST in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Physiogel by Stiefel Labortories (by GSK) skincares are hypoallergenic which will be suitable especially for people with atopic eczema. Hypoallergenic means the products are:-
-No colourants
-Non preservatives
-Non fragrance
-Non emulsifier.

Range of products Physiogel by Stiefel Labortories (by GSK)

The one thing unique about Physiogel by Stiefel Labortaries moisturiser is that it has Derma Membrane Structure (DMS) technology which contains natural lipids that resemble the skin's building blocksto repair dehyrated skin naturally. And unlike conventionally moisturiser that gives temporary hydration, Physiogel moisturiser relief dryness , rehydrates skin by locking in moisture for up to 3 days & revitalised the skin to keep it healthy.

The reason why Physiogel products are free from emulsifier is because the cream will only retained within uppermost layers of the epidermis and will not penetrate the entire epidermis which may cause skin irritation.

Physiogel products that contains natural lipis are made from variety plant sources.

At this moment you might be thinking Physiogel products are for people with eczema problem? Actually Physiogel products are suitable to anyone who has normal-dry skin and anyone who think have sensitive skin because it is very gentle for the skin.

Physiogel has 3 types of moisturiser texture to suit different weather and area of application.

And I have given away my Physiogel lotion to my sister with eczema problem to try and so far she has no problem using it and it has keep her skin moisture.

And in case if you are interested to try Physiogel products (face & body), it can be found at all leading chain and independant pharmacies nationwide such as Watsons, Guardian and Caring pharmacies.

Pictures with Nuffnang's bloggers & Dr Leong

I was told by my friends that Physiogel is definitely one of the best for dry skin and their dermatogolist also recommend Physiogel for their eczema skin problem!

I want to buy and try to repair my dry skin too!

Oh good news is that Physiogel by Stiefel Labortaries by has recently annouced a new affordable (lower) pricing for their products so that it can reach out to more users. I was told their pricing is cheaper by 20-40% starting 15 April 2012.
For more information visit or call toll-free number at 1800-88-DERM ( 3376)


  1. wow.. so scientific x.x i didn't know there's any thing such as the itching sickness. Even if i do not have that, itchiness can really torture sometimes when i scratch and scratch but the itchiness doesn't go away =/

  2. : Yes I didnt know either, i thought its just another normal itchy , just scratching will helps to feel better.. didnt know its a sickness for atopic eczema people. I feel so sad when I watched the a video of baby rubbing her own body against the mattress and crying..:(

  3. Hello. Do you have their Shampoo and Shower Cream? Can you post a detailed review of these products, including their ingredients? I can't find any review on these products. I really want to know how the products works for others before I proceed to getting myself one.

    Thank you so much! This would be of help.


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