Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Review : Majolica Majorca Blood On (Lip & Cheek Stain) giving beautiful healthy glow

Majolica Majorca Blood On (Lip & Cheek stain) was launched for this year Spring/Summer 2012. This limited edition jelly-like texture promises to gives the perfect color & glow for our cheek & lip. I read that the formula of this product makes it a perfect base for other cheek & lip colors. When layered under powder blush, lipstick & gloss, the colour is even more enchaned.

Like the name suggested Blood one, the colour does looked like red blood colour! It comes in a slim and handy screw-on pot and since it does not comes with a brush, I use my fingers to dab in and blend.

So make sure clean your fingers before dipping in !

Swatch of Majolica Majorca Blood On .

Scent : None

Texture: The gel/jelly-like texture is not soft type but rather solid type. Because of the texture, recommended to use fingers to blend

Colour Intensity: With one swipe the colour is very sheer and it does not show up at my lip at all cos my natural lip colour is already quite red. So to build up the intensity of the colour, you just got to dab and re-apply until you get the result you want. But the maximum result is like my 3rd swipe.
Swatch after blending with Majolica Majorca Blood On

Even with 2 swipes, if you blend it.. it turns out to be very light red glowy colour. I really like the sheer colour here and it is not like what the name suggested like blood's colour but rather pretty raspberry red.

I applied at least 3 layers

Review for as lip stain : As Majolica Majorca Blood is very sheer in colour and does not have any sticky feeling. I applied at least 3 layers to achieve the result above. It does not give hydrate or dry out my lip which means I would put on a layer of lip balm before applying this. I like how the colour actually turned out on my naturally red lip, it is pinkish & looked glowing. However I think the end result of the colours shown on one's lip will depend on the person's shade of lip. The lip colour is not long lasting, therefore re-applying is needed after each meal.

Review as cheek stain : I usually use my fingers to dab in the pot and apply on my cheek. The texture is very easy to blend however to build up the colour intensity and here I have to re-applied 3-4 times. I like how it gives me the rosey cheek look, very natural healthy glow and it is lasted me the whole day!

I can foresee Majolica Majorca Blood On will be a rescue on days where I have no makeup on because its 2 in 1 for lip & cheek and easy to use for really quick touch up to have a healthy glowing look. And with its small&light size, this is a definitely it is a great keeper in every woman's handbag! Just make sure you clean your fingers before applying each time.

Majolica Majorca Blood On (Lip & Cheek stain) is selling at RM39.90 (5g) at major pharmacy in Malaysia.


  1. Wow the packaging looks so red but when applied is so pink.

  2. Josarine : I'm blessed with natural red colour lips. Like I mentioned the colour turn up on your lips will depends on the base colour of your lips

    Xue Ren : Thank you for reading!

    Mia : Yes it is! Anyway can look nice in this!


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