Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sell, Swap, Give away your stuffs at

Recently I stumbled to an interesting website named which was founded by two lovely sisters named Nadzirah and Diyana Hashim. It hailed as Malaysia's first online community website where it allows any Malaysians to SELL, SWAP or even GIVE AWAY their preloved (or sometimes new) clothes / shoes or even acccesories for a fashionable cause by simplying registering as a member! is the first website I came across that is very simple to browse through, yet it is very organised in the sense that each item posted up will be categories accordingly. The fashion items are clearly categories whether it falls under women, men or even children.

Just for womens category itself, there are so many sub-categories. For eg, if I'm looking for dresses, I just click on it and all the dresses will appear for me to choose.

Unlike many online blogshop/forum, is so systematic that we can search any items according to their lowest price to highest price, by number of views but also we can search according to the size we want to find! So it actually make our life easier and do not waste our time browsing through items which do not have our size!

p/s: There is also a search button where we can type exactly what we are looking for.

I am wearing size 35 and so I searched through and found this beautiful Miu Miu inspired black heels. The owner stated this item is new, material made from PU and reason she is selling because it does not suit her style! She is only selling for RM50! Quite an awesome deal I would think except that I don't really wear such a high heels that often. Check out the item here

Tips : By clicking the Star next to the I Want It button, then it will automatically favourite the item and it will appear in my profile Favourite item for me to view & decide later.

I am a big fan of accessories and I found this beautiful YSL Turquoise Ring at only RM12, cant afford to buy the original one maybe this will do !

Some nice Diva bangles I found at the website for only RM12!

I have been looking for a green earring to match my green dinner dress! I think this earring is beautiful and it's only RM5, such a good bargain!

Did I mentioned that seller can post a few photo to show the item they are selling? This is the close up picture of it!

They are also high end items like Coach . Owner mentioned clearly the bag comes with dustbag and care cards. Not for fussy buyers as there are two small hardly noticeble stains on the bag. Still a good bargain right at RM350 ?

To buy this item just click I want it (green tab) and then it will lead you to compose a message to the owner where you can ask the owner whether she is willing to sell or swap the item and payment & delivery method. Maybe can discuss for a little bit discount if you are serious buyer maybe?

Apart from selling away our new/used items, one can give away their items for free at and that's the beauty of it.

There is a saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure' , so why keep it when someone else finds it useful and can put into better use? This would be a good reason for us to clear away those un-used items and make some space for new items! Oh and this reminds me to take out some of my new clothes, cosmetics to put up for sale, swap or give away maybe?

p/s: As you can see at the right hand below size of the picture, there is a gift symbol which means the item is free.

And I found out this owner is giving away this pretty Diva Rose Gold Bangle for free to one of the people who commented on the page! Check the link here, I left a comment to try my luck!

Love the scarf colour & floral printing and guess what owner is giving it away! By just clicking I want it, it will direct you compose a message to the owner ...

Wow I found this guy is giving away all his shirts for free- some preloved and some new! The thing I like about this webite is I could click on the seller profile, look at the photo & feedbacks that other people give to him. I think feedback is important because as buyer want to make sure we are dealing with good & honest seller.

Besides buying, selling, swaping and give away items here, believes in building relationships between people where there is a forum for people to exchange ideas!

p/s: Besides forum below each item posted on the website, there is a comment area for people to interact with the owner.

Nadzirah and Diyana (founder of friendlyfashion) also blogs to share any information/tips regarding fashion and sometimes they have some guest bloggers. And one particular blog entry that interest me is that how to do Fishtail crown braid, which is insipired by the ancient Rome/Greece hairstyle. There is even a tutorial video there to watch how to do .. very interesting! I am going to try this !

I like how convenient website which allows me efficiently browse through the items according to my interest or size I wanted, now online shopping has never been easier than this ! Besides the forum and blog is a plus point for this website because it allows me to make new friends, obtains new information & share my 2cents on the the latest trends in fashion. I am sure now you can't wait to visit and meantime I will go and dig my stuffs to see if I can sell, swap or give away it here!

Check out them at


  1. Oooh great, a platform to get rid of my pre-loved.... been "saving" my ex-loves for too long coz have not found them a new home and don't have the heart to put them in the rubbish hse. Thnx Jessying

  2. Oh!
    It is A awesome place for shopping, sell & swap!
    Thanks for shout out!

  3. Whoa, how come I didn't stumble upon those good stuff you found? :P Those heels are so pretty :O You should get them!


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