Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dilemma for being a plus size.

I am plus size.

But I love wearing dress!

So being a plus size does not help me at all, usual perception is that plus size people (fat people) should just wear black loose clothes so that she will looked slimmer and dress will never look nice in them!

True enough, I used to wear big black LOOSE blouse or dress attempting to cover my "plus size" body. But then I discovered too at the same time, I actually looked bigger than the actually me and I looked really dull,boring & unattractive in those big loose blouse/dress!

Many do not understand we do not choose to be plus size and even if we choose to be one, we want to looked beautiful & confident. It's about being we want to be BIG and Beautiful at the same time! And this reminds me of a guy that saw my picture and asked me if my arms are being stung by bees and I just replied of yes, all the times!

So when I started working 3 years ago I wanted to look good and looked presentable at work. But hunting down for plus size clothing is a nightmare honestly, I don't know where got sell proper plus size clothing that is pretty & usual finds is big loose dress that looked like pyjamas to me! So I used to go Singapore to buy my clothing there and it's not cheap plus it is not branded, easily cost me RM100 for a pair of pants and need to do alteration for the length also (another problem. I'm not tall....which directly means I'm short !) but still I cant find proper dress that fits and flatter my shapes!

Then when I discovered Dorothy Perkins, a UK brand. I found HEAVEN... seriously! I used to visit their store every single week after work (true story!!!) grab at all opportunity during their sales & promotions. Dorothy Perkins clothing fits me so well that I usually did not need to do any alteration to my dress. Their dress especially are so beautiful, colourful and most importantly it flatters my shape. BUT it burns so many holes in my pockets, a dress from Dorothy Perkins without discounts ranges from Rm168-RM300 and even with their loyalty F3 card 10% off but it's not much!!! So only once a while can splurge and buy myself a beautiful dress.

So I was really in dilemmas why plus size cannot have affordable and pretty clothing at the same time? Compared to my sister who is slim, she can easily get a really pretty dress below RM50.. and I'm so jealous of her every time we went shopping together!

So I was really happy when I found this particular blogshop that specialised in plus size clothing. Not only their design is really pretty and their price are really affordable too!

Sneak preview of new favourite red dress and I love how it looked good on me or I looked good in it (either way!). And I can't believe it when I was told this dress is only RM60!

Who say plus size don't look good in red ?

I bet to differ!

So what do you think ??


  1. Totally agree that plus size clothings are really expensive. Mum always have problem shopping for her cloths..

  2. hey babes...Even I am plus size...but now I am a more confident and happy gurl....I too agree that plus size clothings r way more expensive.So fashion industry should make plus size clothing affordable and easily available like any ordinary size clothing...Coz we are no way out of the society or not some alien kind ;)

  3. You look confident and happy - I think that comes from within :D You look fab in that red dress!

  4. hi u look awesome! May i know which blogshop you're referring to? i am also looking for larger sized clothings :( it's so difficult to find a good and affordable plus size clothing blogshop nowadays :(

  5. Thanks all for your comment.. will be revealing the blogshop name in upcoming posts.

    I do agree what Nic Nic said confidence comes from within :)

  6. LOVING the dress. Perhaps a belt to sinch in the waist to add definition? I totally agree, a good fit is important no matter what body shape. Know it and flaunt it! I'm heavier on the bottom so I wear items that skims the thighs and focus on the upper body to balance. But I'm still learning so sometime it's a hit, other times it's a miss ^^

  7. Jess, In fact I was tempted to ask where did you get all ur clothes!! Coz they are all so gorgeous!!
    I agree with you, the general plus size shop sells unflattering design!
    Beside Dorothy Perkins, I go Mark & Spenser sometimes but... like what u mention, they always burnt a hole in my pocket and I can't really buy as I like.... that's y i only buy the safe design which doesn't go out of trend easily!
    Maybe you should do some post on where u usually shop and the blogshop that u frequent!

  8. I would suggest Peacock UK... Stylish like DP but a lot cheaper.. really... I have found in Parkson Subang Parade & Empire.

  9. i feel how you feel as I am too...i love anything from Dorothy Perkins to Topshop then to Promod to Zara....but though still envy those slim girl...effortless to become have to work thousand time harder just to maintain my size!

  10. Replies
    1. , dont think they are actively selling now


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