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The launch of Clinelle Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster

Clinelle has just recently announced their latest skin care product line with the launch of the Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster, the first innovative product introduced under their new anti-aging skincare range, Ingenius™ at their media launch which was held in One World Hotel.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Esthetics International Group (EIG), Mr Roderick Chieng Ngee Kai, who shared, “The team behind Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster has taken the Optimizer through extensive research studies and tests to ensure that it meets all of the expectations of a high-performing product. Results show that this new innovative product effectively helps to boost the results of your current skincare regimen; even after a single application!

Dressed in sweet pink blouse Penny Tai, a renowned Malaysian singer-songwriter popular in both the Taiwan and Malaysian music scene was appointed recently as their new ambassador and she was at the event to share her experience after been using it for 6 months. She said “The Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster is simply remarkable and extremely powerful. I had the opportunity to try the product before my appointment as Clinelle’s new Ingenius™ ambassador and I am amazed at the condition of my skin. I am completely hooked!”

I was actually quite surprise to see Penny Tai in person and she was looking so much better than she was 10 years ago! And was really glad to see that she still kept herself humble and giggling at the event.

Penny Tai said she applied this product during her flights as the air on plane can be very drying for skin and she even said that she is the type of person who will do mask on long haul flight to make sure face are properly moisture! So I guess that's how she take extra step to make sure her skin looks good!

Ben Lei , Regional Training Manager for EIG do a short presentation of the Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster. He said that from recent market research surveys, Clinelle discovered that most women were not seeing the real results of their skin care products. Clinelle also noted the fact that women continue to look for simple, efficient, natural beauty solutions that are safe, innovative and genuine, and yet affordable at the same time. Hence Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster was created for this reasons.

He further said that the teams behind Clinelle was keen on producing a product whose functions were two-pronged –

1st: exfoliating the skin cells allowing for better absorption and penetration of ingredients

2nd: igniting the energy power plant of the cell, the mitochondria, for improved cellular energy resulting in an increased turnover of skin cells and skin renewal.

Above are the main functions of Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster

In addition the Optimizer Daily Booster product contain ingredients which not only assists in moisture retention but also helps in transporting essential ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, making them forces of anti-aging.

Besides the ingredients stated above, Optimizer Daily Booster has the following active ingredients which includes:-

, which acts as a ‘cell energizer’, transporting the necessary ingredients into the cell’s power plant and thus increasing skin cell turnover and assisting in skin renewal

Chronocyclin®, an anti-aging chronopeptide that mimics the cells responsible for improving your skin’s defense systems

Ursolisome® which helps to restores the dermal layer of your skin, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster is to be applied regularly (2 pea size) over cleansed and toned skin, followed by moisturizer and can be used daily with any skin care regimen during night time (which simply means apply after toner and before moisturiser).

Ben shared that the above method is recommended for people with dry skin. And for people with oily skin and sensitive skin, he recommended the product (one pea size) to be applied after moisturizer. He said that this product can be applied on eyes area too, but at very little amount as the product formula is very concentrate.

In simple word, this Clinelle’s Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booste is a booster for your skincare, to make sure absorption or penetration of our skincare is maximised and can only be used as night as its a night treatment.

Well I got myself a tube from the event and shall be trying it out soon to see if this does really boost up the result of my skincare!

After that Penny Tai signed on the backdrop as a sign to officiate the launch of Clinelle's new product line - Ingenius and her announcement as Clinelle's new Celebrity ambassador

Group pic of Penny Tai with Ms Susan Lim, Senior GM of EIG and Mr Roderick Chieng, Group MD & CEO of EIG

Love her smile in this picture, she was very cheerful and cute too!

Others Clinelle products which was put on display for the public to try and enquiry

Did I mentioned I was really lucky to won a lucky draw at the event! Yay they gave very attractive prices to attendees of the event! Won myself a big package of moisturising range with 2 serums in there, one hydrating and another is anti-aging one! Pretty happy with it as to be honest this is my first time getting know close to the brand Clinelle and now I can try out the whole range!

I was told that all Clinelle products are made of natural ingredients and according Clinelle products are the secret to Happy Skin:-

-No artificial colouring
-No artificial fragrace
-No comedogenic ingredients
-No lanolin
-No mineral oil
-No SD-alcohol

Also If you don't know Clinelle is our home brand under EIG group which was listed at Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange main board. Most Clinelle products are developed in France but for this Optimizer Daily Booster it is developed by the experts in US. And my beauty buddy Zhengnorahs swear by Clinelle Blemish Clear because not only it works but its really affordable to use and well I shall be trying out my prize products soon and Ingenius™ Optimizer Daily Booster before reviewing them here!

For more info on Ingenius™ range of products can be obtained at

Clinelle products are available at major pharmacies and personal care outlets nationwide.

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