Monday, July 30, 2012

Avon Anew 20th Anniversary celebration with Ms Malaysia Tourism 2012 finalists

This month, Avon celebrated the 20th anniversary of its best seller skincare brand ANEW. I'm not sure if you have heard of it, I did but honestly haven't tried it prior to the event. I was told that 20 years ago, Avon introduced the use of Alpha-Hydroxy Acid as a key ingredient in fighting skin aging with the launch of its maiden product, Anew All Perfecting Complex for Face. Today ANEW has 7 lines that target different needs.

To mark Anew's 20th birthday this year, AVON launched Anew Genics which was developed by their R&D team in Suffern, New York. It introducted Anew Genics Treatment Cream & Treatment Concentrate with patented YouthGen Technology is a skincare breakthrough cream & serum that promises to make one looks 10 years younger. I was told Avon is the first with patented YouthGen Technology-designed to stimulate the Youth Gene to help skin cells act younger.

Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate (30ml) - RM159.90 (S&S: RM182.85)
Anew Genics Cream (30ml) - RM129.90 (S&S: RM148.35)

To celebrate the launch Avon Genics & Avon ANEW 20th anniversary, Avon has also invited 20 beauty pageants over an afternoon tea party held at their headquater. These beauties include Soo Wincci, Ms World Malaysia 2008/09, a popular model, singer & actress; Aileen Gabriella Robinson, Ms Tourism International 2011 and 18 new finalists vying for the Miss Malaysia Toursim 2012 title.

The 18 finalists for Miss Malaysia Tourism 2012

I was very surprised when I was told this birthday cake was made by Soo Wincci herself! Not only looking beautiful but very talented in baking I would say!

She sings pretty well too!

Soo Wincci is Avon Anew & Wellness Ambassador.

So Wincci & Ms Tourism 2012 finalists

Finalists trying out Avon's products

Some pics of the finalists

Some pics of the finalists

Avon team & Soo Wincci

Last but not least a pic of myself & So Wincci :)

Happy Avon Anew's 20th Anniversary! 

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